Rafael Nadal talks about his back injury, rehab and returning to tennis

During the Australian Open final, the only question true fans of the sport and champ Rafael Nadal had was: How serious is his back injury? While most would have retired, he finished the match and refused to answer too many questions about it, saying it was Stan’s day. Rafa landed in Barcelona yesterday to visit with doctors.

In an interview with a local TV station in Mallorca, Rafa said that he was diagnosed with an edema in his back. Medical tests have ruled out fissures, but he needs to rest his back completely in order to recover from the inflammation. Rafa will return for additional tests on Monday. As of now, his participation in Copa Claro in Buenos Aires is questionable, although not completely ruled out. 

Rafa is back home in Mallorca now, and will hopefully get the rest he needs. He tweeted the following update:

Nadal talks about back injury

It’s best to stay calm and wait for more news on Monday. Take care, Rafa. Get better soon!


  1. P Don’t play until you are fully recovered and get better soon Rafa. you are just the best in every way and i just adore you.

  2. You are the best Rafael! Take good care and see you win more matches. God bless you always.

  3. You are strong, and have goals, you will see them through, because you posses the will to be the best impressive player ever, I have to see you at Wimbleton, for the 3rd time..you’r always in my prayers!!! Just get there!

  4. Truly sorry about Australian open, it was all yours if it was not for your back problem. I was looking forward to your record 14th grand slam and 3rd person to win all 4 grand slams twice. I hope you succeed this year. Regards

  5. +Hi Rafa, definitely take all the time you need to heal your strained back. Back injury in any way is nothing to take lightly. It’s very painful, and if not completely healed before doing anything strenuous can get worse. You do not need that. I hope that it heals all the way. I know that tennis is not nearly the same unless you are playing. Actually, I seldom watch if you are not in the tournament. Stay the way you are Rafa don’t change that great attitude for anyone or anything. Love you, and God bless, Marylynn.

  6. Good to hear that you are home safe and having treatment. Have a good rest and wish you a good recovery. You are the best in more ways than one. A good example to others and a true champion.

  7. while nadal is taking his time to recover , we hope he will so will recover,
    Dear Rafa Fans,
    lets watch some old memorable matches of our Champion. Rafa Nadal

  8. Make sure you are healed before you come back. You don’t want to injure yourself when you go back and aren’t totally healed. God Bless Kathy

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