Rafael Nadal Injury Update

AP Photo/Andrew Brownbill
AP Photo/Andrew Brownbill

Rafael Nadal is being treated for a back injury that hampered him in the Australian Open final, although the top-ranked tennis player is expected to recover in time for his next scheduled tournament.

Rafa, who returned home to Majorca yesterday, is having intensive physiotherapy and taking anti-inflammatory drugs before resuming training, according to a statement from his publicist Benito Perez-Barbadillo.

The next tournament Rafa is schedule to play in starts Feb. 10 in Buenos Aires, Perez-Barbadillo said by phone. 

Official Press Release issued earlier today to the Media (via B1PR Facebook)
Official Press Release issued earlier today to the Media (via B1PR Facebook)

Sources: businessweek.com,  B1PR Facebook


  1. Can someone tell me what happened in set one?
    Did he just have a sensation or just a full-blown injury?
    Can someone point me out to a video where Rafa says he has a sensation prior to the match?

  2. Rafa, we’re with you all the way. Hope you recovery is soon and complete. We all pray for you and send you healing thoughts. Vamos!!!

  3. I m so happy to hear that u are recovering speedy.Get well soon,Rafa.I am always with U.Love u so much n Best of luck to play next tournament in Buenos Aires<3<3

  4. Don’t worry Rafa; we’re here to stand alongside you as you work to recapture your good health.

  5. Rafa I am so glad to hear that you are getting the medical care that is need for your injured back, and please Dear Gd I hope to see you well really soon. Bless you Rafa !

  6. espero que te mejores voy a rezar que todo te valla bien seria bueno verte por aca en argentina porque nosotros si que te queremos

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