PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal practices with Baby Federer in Melbourne

On day 1 of the Australian Open, Rafael Nadal put in some court time with Grigor Dimitrov, AKA Baby Federer (he is called that because of his techniques and one-handed backhand, which are reminiscent of Roger Federer’s). Rafa is set to start his first round match on day 2 of the Open against Aussie Bernard Tomic. Time and live stream information for the match can be found here.

Photos: @Beau27 and @zoejrogers


  1. Why would you train against Djokovic . You are the Pro. and loved by all even sometimes Djokovic’s fans but not often but now and again is good for the rivalry.Bag the Australian trophy.please!!!!!

  2. Yes Rafa is the best and I wish him the best during his match with B. Tomic. I hope he is mentally fresh and pain free. I hope he feels great on court with positive feelings and is victorious in his match against Bernard Tomic. I also hope that Rafa is able to serve at his best during this entire tournament. I hope he feels good and confident with positive feelings during every match. Good Luck and God Bless You Rafa. Love, Marylynn.

  3. Rafa is simply the best! Love baby Fed too! Noticed the only player Rafa never trained against is Djoko…Vamos Rafa!

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