Video: Rafael Nadal begins practicing for 2014 (+ Interview)

2014, here we come! VAMOS RAFA!


  1. Dear Rafa, I wish you all the best for the Tennis Season of 2014, as my favorite Tennis player ever, I want you to lift every Trophy, but I know that is a hard thing to do. please stay focused you can lift many Trophys anyway!

  2. I am so looking forward to watching your fantastic play in this new season of 2014 Rafa may you be the best again this coming Year. Vamooooooooos Rafa.

  3. Dear Rafa: I wish you the very best for 2014. I wish you health (of body and mind), joy, peace, and confidence. I wish you improvement in your tennis game where and how you need to improve; and I pray that you are able to concentrate on your game and play in the moment always; I pray that you do not dwell, or obsess on an opponent’s strengths, but to realize and increase your own strengths,and to be able to play with mental freshness, wisdom, and calmness always, and intensity at a very high level throughout 2014 (and beyond). I know that sounds like much, but this is Rafael Nadal–this is who he is and always has been. So I want this for him. Love you Rafa, Marylynn.

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