Rafa Roundup: December 11, 2013


… Discounting emotional and subjective biases, it seems hard to dispute the fact that Nadal has, on average, faced more decorated opposition in Grand Slam finals than Federer. A fact that appears closely related to Nadal’s unfortunate luck of building a career that bridged the competitive primes of Federer and Djokovic. What all this ultimately means in terms of historical significance won’t be fully known until both players have retired from the game. A day that hopefully won’t be arriving anytime soon.

… Rafael Nadal made a successful return to the ATP World Tour after an eight-month layoff due to knee injury. In the 10 months since the Spaniard’s comeback, he has erased any doubt about his place at the top of the game.

… Following an injury hit 2012, Rafael Nadal started the year by pulling out of the Australian Open and dropped out of the World Top Four for the first time since 2005. With knees made of glass, the swashbuckling left-hander looked to be done as a tennis player. No more exhaustive rallies, no more fist pumps, no more grinding opponents to dust. Luckily, he didn’t believe it…

… Yet Nadal, competitive as anyone, will want to prove that 2013 was more than a comeback. He will want to extend his reign at No. 1 and solidify his place among the greatests of all time.

… Among the athletes who have made their presence known in the poker world include former Manchester United, Tottenham, and England striker Teddy Sheringham; Spanish football sensation Gerard Pique; golfer Sergio Garcia; and tennis superstar Rafael Nadal.

… 16 de los especialistas creen que Djokovic ganará el Abierto de Australia. 9 de ellos consideran a Nadal el candidato a gobernar en el primer Grand Slam de la temporada. 24 de los 28 expertos consultados consideran favorito a Nadal para levantar su noveno cetro en Roland Garros.



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