Rafa Roundup: December 10, 2013


… He has improved not only his position in the record books, but also his game. His forehand down the line has continued to develop, and he played more assertively at the baseline, making more forays to net and even employing an aggressive backhand slice during stretches.

… 2013 was another year of tennis dominance for Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. These two champions have continued an astonishing decade of excellence that began with Roger Federer’s greatness.

… Nadal’s determination and “never give up” attitude is one of the things that makes him such a formidable player. Fighting for every point places enormous pressure on the opponent and forces them to go for shots outside their comfort zone which often results errors.

… Signed by Rafa Nadal and Brendan Murphy, the 24 x 36 inch prints on canvas fused the energy of art and tennis, as Murphy captured Nadal’s signature swing in his personal brand of contemporary portraiture. The prints alone raised $35,000, with all proceeds going to the Rafa Nadal Foundation – providing educational and athletic programs to underprivileged youths in India and Spain. Attendees such as Rafa Nadal, Mike Bryan, Ana Ivanovic, Boris Becker, Outback founder Tim Gannon, and Google CEO Larry Page, closed out the evening with a private island concert by Jimmy Buffet.

… Speaking of Tiger, Nadal says he looks up to him when he plays. “I take my cue from Tiger Woods. From start to finish, I barely say a word to my rivals; I certainly don’t compliment them on a good shot. They complain, they get angry with me, curse me for my rudeness. They say I’m more aggressive even than I am on the tennis court. The difference between me and my friends, some of whom are much better golfers than I am (I have a handicap of 11), is that I just don’t see the point of playing a sport unless you’re giving it your all.”



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  1. El buen deportista, le pega extraordinariamente al Tenis, a el Golf, Ciclismo, etc., etc….. El que es Grande le viene desde su cuna, Así es nuestro Rafa Nada venciendo, superando, mejorando día a día. Desde Canarias con mucho afecto. C. Javier

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