Rafael Nadal vs. David Nalbandian in Cordoba, Argentina: Saying Farewell to David

Rafael Nadal and David Nalbandian played the first of their two exhibitions in Argentina on the 21st in Cordoba. The match was fun for both players and ended with David defeating Rafa 6-4, 7-6. There was no disappointment in the air, however. A warm hug, beautiful words exchanged between two old friends in their courtside interviews, and a standing ovation from the audience marked the beginning of the trophy ceremony. A special guest was David’s little daughter, who seemed to have a wonderful time in the spotlight. Check out the beautiful smiles.

Photos: EFE/Nicholas Aguiler, Ole, Vito Callejón


  1. Good luck to David in his future as he goes on to start a life without Tennis, Bless him and his Family always, Rafa is a Great friend so kind to everyone what a remarkable Champion.

  2. Ohh,nice of Rafa ,he lets David to win to received the trophy ..Rafa don’t want that trophy ,,he got 60 trophies in his cabinet ..it seems Rafa enjoyed his exhibition in Argentina ,he got lots of fans in South America …

    • David also has many trophies in his cabinet, but the game was not a game for points. It was an exhibition. There is a big difference in this …
      Neither wanted to lose, Rafa was angry several times by throwing a ball or get bad, but finally realized it was just an exhibition and a farewell match for David and his audience.
      On the other hand, I tell you that Rafa has a huge following here in Argentina, long before he came this week.


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