Rafa Roundup: November 22, 2013


… I don’t know if Nadal is the best player ever. But in 2013, he convinced me: for one match, with my vital organs on the line, I would take him. Again, I didn’t think I would ever say that. For the longest time, I was a Roger Federer guy.

… “I had the good luck and the bad luck to coincide with practically the two best players in the history of world tennis,” he told the Argentine newspaper La Nación. “Let me sum it up for you: Federer and Nadal. Roger broke all the records, and Rafa is on the brink. To have shared this great era with them, to have beaten them, lost to them and been at this level has given me a lot of pride.”

  • FEDERER VS. NADAL – It’s the rivalry for the Ages… how did it play out in 2013? (via ATP)

… They met four times this year, with Federer claiming just one set. Nadal improved to a 22-10 mark in their FedEx ATP Head2Head record.



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