Year End No. 1: Novak Djokovic breathes down Rafa Nadal’s neck (ATP Rankings, October 14, 2013)

Emirates ATP Singles Rankings have been updated, and as of October 14, Rafael Nadal‘s No. 1 status remains unchanged at 11,520 points. Novak Djokovic defended his points in Beijing and Shanghai. In the Race to London, Rafa still holds a lead over the rest of the contenders; however, Novak Djokovic has bridged the gap somewhat with his wins in Asia.

Rafa has still not secured the Year End No. 1 spot. He does not have any points to defend for the rest of the year, being that he missed this part of the tour completely last year. This goal, therefore, is well attainable, as long as Rafa gains points in the rest of the tournaments coming up that he has entered. He is looking to win Basel and another Masters 1000 in Paris. Here’s hoping Rafa secures the spot sooner rather than later. Vamos Rafa!


  1. Cher Rafa,
    J’habite Montréal et je suis tous les tournois dans lesquels tu es présent. à Shanghai tu as perdu dignement. Je voulais tellement que tu gagnes mas hélas Del Potro était animé cette journée là d’une grâce spéciale. J’aurais préféré qu’il batte ce démon de Djokovic qui ressemble de plus en plus à Serena Williams.

    Ton prochain tournoi est à Bâle je crois. et tout mon cœur sera avec toi car j’admire ton humilité, ton respect des autres et ton talent extraordinaire.

    Je t’adore

    Nicole de Montréal

  2. Rafa, just keep plugging away, I know you can do it, you still have a couple of tournaments, and of course London at the 02 before the year is out, so keep your chin & racket up, you can do it, Rafa, I have faith & trust in you and in your abilities as a true champion & as an athlete, so I say everybody in the house for Team Rafa Nadal!!!! Vamos Rafa!!

  3. Agree, it’s just a number. But to lose this advantage it would be a tragedy for me. If they had equal number of points, I’d say `It’s ok if he doesn’t finish year as No 1`. But in this case the year end No 1 is a cherry on a cake, so please, Rafa, do it!

  4. In every match Rafael Nadal plays, win or lose, he uses about 50% more energy than his opponents. I watched the 54-stroke point he lost to Djokovic at the last US Open Final. I believe he could ended the rally under 20 strokes if he made Novak run around as much as he did. Novake beats opponents BECAUSE they return balls direct to him where he could hit into open court for points. If Novak is ever made to run as much as Nadal does, he would tire more quickly, and lose points. Novak remains the trickiest opponent to

  5. Exactly Any! Number1 would be great but if not what? Rafa has already achieved the most important thing, an unbelievable come back!! He gave us the most exciting US Open and French Open and all the Masters he won. He beat ALL players on this planet, so the only thing I want is for him to stay healthy and be able to play for more years to come!!

  6. I do not hink wee should worry! Rafa is ahead with no point to defend and is close to Nole so everything always possible. He lost in China, but he can’t win all the time! And he reached both final and semi-final. Not like he was beaten in first round! I think he can make it till the end of the year and even more. Vamossssss!

  7. I’ve read the rule book and understood that Rafa has zero points penalty from last year, which will last until October 28th and then 150 points from Chile Open could count or points from Basel (if he wins more points in Basel). Meaning, he already has 150 points in his pocket, just needs to wait until October 28th.
    So question for Rafa is to play in Basel and to reach at least SF (he would win only 180 points which is only 30 points more than he has in his pocket) to make it worth playing or skip and play in Paris when every point counts, but then he will be tired for WTF in London.

    Ideal situation would be to win in Basel (he would gain 500) which is the same amount of points as if he would have played in Paris instead and reached SF (360) plus points from Chile Open (150) which is total amount of 510. Semis in Paris are on Friday and already on Monday/Tuesday so only two days to rest.

    I hope he will win in Basel and rest for London and try to adapt to the surface and circumstances there.

    • Delpo is 2 seed, so if he reach the final he will probably meet Delpo there. Indoor hc is not Rafas best surface at all.
      From what I know Rafa says he needs indoor training as WTF is his main goal for rest of season. So guess he wants the “training” in Paris aswell.

  8. Even this ranking is only a number (Rafa says), I wish that Rafa hold the number one until the end of 2014. I hope this will happened, if not, it’s not a tragedy. My biggest wish is to see Rafa playing and stay healthy a few more years. Vamos!!!!!!!

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