POLL: Will Rafael Nadal End the Year Ranked as No. 1?

… or will Novak Djokovic be able to end the year at No. 1 for the third year in a row?  Comment below and let us know.



  1. Ali, I’m very surprised at your comment – since when Rafa “assumes that ending # 1 is garanteed and stops practising” ?!? There isnt another player as dedicated & responsable as our Rafa !!! VAAAMOOOSSS RAAAFAAA – WE ARE ALL BEHIND U !!!!!!!!!

    • Lol, you are right. Rafa is great and his interviews shows that he knows he should do exceptionally well in the rest of the season to achieve the #1 spot. Indoor hard court is the least favorite surface for Rafa and the most favorite one for Novak. That’s why we are all worried. Hopefully, we will celebrate our #1 champion soon.

  2. nole has almost no points to defend in paris, say he can earn some like 800pt if wins. also he can earn about 600pts if he wins davis cup for a total of 1400pts about. rafa is competing for 500pt in basel, 1500 in london and 1000 in Paris for a total of 3000 of possible earn. and between the two there are now 400pt. basically rafa needs to take 1000pts to be sure of year end n.1 – so of course he s in a good position, nevertheless he still has to make 1000pts, in case nole wins davis cup (very predictable) then paris and london with straight wins, and making 1000 pts may not be so predictable even for rafa at the moment on hard indoor surface!…

  3. Rafa is already number one until February,2014. He is just going to play and add more points, but I want him to win the World Tour Finals (WTF) because that is the only one missing in his resume…. I have been a Rafa fan since his debut and been following not only the Grand slams but all his tournament schedules …. Let’s just pray that his health will not be a factor on this last 3 tournaments ….. Swiss, Basel (Oct.22-27 ),Paribas Paris Master 1000 (Oct.28-Nov.3 ) and London ATP World Tour Final (Nov.4-11 ) in which this tournament is by invitation, only the top 8 players will participate. Good Luck, Rafa … Let’s give him a credit and be happy for his 5 Masters 1000 title, it will be nice if he wins in Paris to make it 6 out of 8 Masters in 2013, he missed Sony ATP Master in Miami and lost in Shanghai Rolex Master, and wins 2 Grand slam in 2013 … What an accomplishment.. that’s why he is “NUMBER 1” and will continue to be number1 !!! Go ..Go.. Go.. RAFA !!!

    • Except your first sentence, the rest of your post shows you are a big Rafa fan. But Rafa is NOT already number one. Novak can pass over him if he doesn’t play good in the rest of season!

  4. If Nadal plays like this weekend. He won’t be #1 at the end of the year. Very disappointed 2 weeks in China.

  5. We all want Rafa to end as No.1, but there are three tournaments left that Rafa has no points to defend. But Novak has almost no point to defend on two of these three tournaments as well. Therefore, it really depends on these two. I hope Rafa doesn’t assume that ending No.1 is guaranteed and practices and wins as many matches as possible. Exciting weeks are ahead of us.


  7. I’m sure he will, he has the game to be #1 for long time. The China’s results doesn’t mean anything, just a good training for the next tournaments

  8. Now the difference is 400 points to rafa, and neither of them are defending points any more .. It is difficult to assure it but i hope so

      • I’m not sure what you mean here? Are you suggesting Novak has very few points to defend?

        Novak has 1,500 points to defend at the ATP World Tour Finals. Any wins Rafa has there this year will be points gained on Novak, even if Djokovic ends up winning that tourney again.

  9. I am Pretty sure he Will as has a few tournaments to go and no point to defend. He dis great in China so I am not worried. Vamossssssss.

  10. Rafa had a little more time between the last three matches and the fatigue probably played a lot on his performance. Now he is going to begin his regimen back as he did between the European tournaments and he will show his real prowess. He should end up with #1 this year without a doubt.

  11. That’s for sure since he would still be participating in three other tournaments where he does not have any point to defend but instead he would earn more.

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