Goran Ivanisevic believes Rafael Nadal will eclipse Roger Federer’s record tally of 17 grand slam titles

Photo via Eurosport
Photo via Eurosport

“Nadal has 13 grand slam titles already, Roger Federer is on 17. When Roger broke the record of Pete Sampras on 14 we thought that would never be broken, but I don’t think that any more. I think Nadal will retire with more slams than Federer. I can see him winning three more French Opens – that would take him to 11. It sounds crazy, but he is that good,” said Goran Ivanisevic.

“Only Djokovic can beat him on clay, and he came really close this year at the French Open, but that experience might make it more difficult for him in the future,” he added. You have to put your body and mind through a lot to stay with Nadal on clay, and I’m not sure he will be able to do it again.”

“Nadal is the only player that can win all four grand slam tournaments in one year. He has won all of them in his career, and even though he says it is impossible, he is the one man who could do the calendar slam. If he stays fit, who knows? He could even reach 20 grand slam titles. It’s possible,” he added.

Source: cityam.com


  1. we have to Remember this will be much harder for Nadal to do what Roger did. We have to remember that Roger won almost all of his majors from players that were ranked well below him or soon to retire. He never had any competition like Nadal does now. So Nadal has had the greatest competition in history across the net from him in each Major win of his career. Roger had a very young Nadal on the other side twice as Nadal was learning and raising his game to the level of play and then he exceeded that level. During Rogers four most dominant years, lets face it Agassi was Rogers toughest opponent as were most of the players, the up and comers were still in the Jr.’s . So for Rafa to pull off as many Majors as Roger ? …. Well if anyone can it would be Superman Nadal. Wow what an achievement that would be….. I just pray his joints can endure the wear and tear.

  2. Well thanks for the input, Goran!! I miss you on the circuit, but you’re a little old now!! Yes, let’s hope that your comments about Rafa come true, but it is one game, one set, one victory at a time!! You go RAFA, and GORAN, stay great!!

  3. Absolutely right you are! If anyone can do it, it will be Rafa. This year has proven that you can never count this amazing man out.

  4. Lets just do what Rafa does take it one tournament at a time. No question that he will surpass Roger but we’ll cross that bridge later. Lets just enjoy him match by match

  5. True! Rafa’s the only one who can win all 4 slams in a year.

    . . . if only he can plan his calendar very well by picking & choosing what tournaments to take part in to avoid the burn out that he experiences when going towards US Open. If he can take it easy during the clay court season he can be as fresh as he is this season. The only trick is when the season changes from clay to grass whereby there isn’t much time to rest & yet it is necessary to take part in pre-Wimbledon grass court tournament just to acclimatize oneself to the conditions.

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