Rafael Nadal wins an incredible QF against Fabio Fognini at China Open

Rafael Nadal defeated Italian Fabio Fognini at the Beijing quarterfinals in a performance that can only be described as awe-inspiring. Down a set and 1-4 in the second, he fought his way back to take the match that is surely the best of the tournament.

The first point of the first set seemed to be an ominous one, with Rafa slipping on the court and hurting his knee. He later took an MTO to have the scrape looked at. Hopefully, it’s just an external wound. He seemed to have lost some of the spring in his step as he went down 4-1. He scored late in the set but Fognini took it at 6-2. The second set seemed to go the same way, with Fognini hitting winners, until Rafa got a break while down at 4-1 to turn the set around and dig himself out. He finished at 6-4. The third set went steadfastly in Rafa’s favor, where he allowed Fognini to score just one game before taking it at 6-1. Amazing match and a great performance from Fognini, especially in the first half of the match, but Rafa’s strength, confidence, and drive to fight was on full display today and his greatness showed.

Rafa will next face the winner of the match between John Isner and Tomas Berdych in the semifinal. If he wins his semi-final against Berdych or Isner, he will return to World No. 1 in the Emirates ATP Rankings for the first time since 3rd July 2011. Should Nadal lose before the final, Djokovic must still win his fourth China Open crown to stay at the top for a 102nd week.

Photos: Getty Images, AP Photo, Reuters, Sohu.com, Sina.com


  1. First and foremost, congratulations to RAFA!!! He did it again!!!
    I have the same sentiments as Kathy Connelly. Why Tennischannel covered Japan and showed matches over and over and Beijing just today. It is so frustrating not to have seen the first matches of RAFA.

  2. I was really worried about Rafa’s knee a pity to fall on 1st point,I think his concentration went and he was testing the stability of his knee, but what a fighter to win the 2nd set from 4.1 down Bravo Rafa ,keep it coming

  3. Rafa tuff, but don’t scare me your best fan like that, I will be sad. sad. sad for you to loose match by getting hurt cause I know you best player and I don’t want you getting hurt I love my favorite Sportsman and best Tennis Star Rafa.

  4. It was not on TV here so was checking the score on my phone, I was at a play and checked at intermission and it was down a set. I checked again and he was down 4-1 in the 2nd. I thought for sure he had lost it. Looked again like 5 minutes later and he had gained a point after that. Thank heavens the wonderful play I had attended was over because I was glued to my phone watching the score until he won. It will show on TV for us Friday about noon, so have it set up to tape. The semi and final are both delayed a day in USA by tennis channel in favor of the Japan open which is live. I wrote them an email expressing my displeasure, I mean really the #1 ranking is on the line which is much more important then what is happening in Japan, no offense to those playing there.

  5. It was a very difficult match. I was beginning to see the match at 6-2, 4-2 … it was incredible!!!! I believed in Rafa and I was not disappointed. Vamos Rafa! One more time!!!!

  6. Yea!!!!! You go, RAFA!! I was going to check out the match online right now, but I checked my email and they said RAFA already won!!!! I am so glad!!!! Just keep on trucking RAFA, I know you can do it!! Fall or no fall on your knees, you are a fighter!!!! Good luck on your next match with either Berdych or Isner!!

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