Ronaldo: I would love to play against Rafael Nadal!

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, known more commonly as Ronaldo, is a retired Brazilian footballer who also played for Real Madrid.  Just like Rafael Nadal, he is an avid poker player and endorses PokerStars. He was interviewed in Barcelona recently, in which he answered questions about his career, PokerStars, and his wish to play poker with Rafa. Here are excerpts from his interview. To read the original in its entirety, click here

Photo via PokerStars
Photo via PokerStars

Q: With so many athletes now playing poker, do you prefer to play against them or against the game’s elite?

Ronaldo: Against the athletes, no doubt, because they are at a level similar. Against the pros, eventually I will lose insurance.

Q:  When will we see Ronaldo-Nadal head-to-head in poker?

Ronaldo: We already did an ad [for PokerStars]. I hope that it will be soon. I’d love to, but he still plays tennis and it is more difficult. We will have to find room for it when he’s on vacation. It will be fun. I’m curious to see how he plays.

Q: Why are so many athletes playing poker, and getting advertising contracts?

Ronaldo: It stimulates the intellect and is a competition, a mental sport. Besides, everyone wants to be smarter than the other. I replace the adrenaline I get in football. When I sit at a table, I always win, I am very competitive.

Sounds like the perfect explanation as to why athletes crave more competition in their down time. As we know, Rafa is fierce in competition, whether it is in tennis, poker, or pool. We can be sure that he will give Ronaldo a run for his money. Who do you think will win?

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