Rafael Nadal: From Clay-Court King to Greatest of All Time

Dan Istitene/Getty Images
Dan Istitene/Getty Images

What a difference a seven-month absence makes.

Last year, after Nadal withdrew from Wimbledon and the Olympics, his future was in doubt.

Tennis fans wondered if he’d be the same explosive Rafa post knee rehab. He wasn’t.

He was better.

Now Nadal is challenging Federer in the greatest of all time debate.

He seems like a lock to pass Federer in Grand Slam titles.

His amazing post-knee injury run includes French Open and U.S. Open titles. He also won at Indian Wells.

Juxtaposed to Federer’s decline, Rafa’s rise seems meteoric.

Nadal’s potential to be the greatest has been there for a while. But we thought any real discussion would happen long after Federer retired.

It’s unclear if Federer has another Grand Slam championship in him. If he doesn’t, Rafa could catch Federer before he retires.

Source: Bleacher Report (How Tennis’ Top Stars Changed Public Perception in 2013)


  1. , tainted by doping, ATP mess up with draw, Say people who hate Rafa.(serbs)
    ATP mess up with draw , agree, never put somebody dangerous to play joker. China open :
    1 vs 8 joker vs Isner , too dangerous for joker. Who is tainted by doping? Take a look at Joker’s crazy eyes and at Nadal’s eyes.

  2. He fully deserves it , how many times has he fell over and got straight back up to compete and progress. 4 left , yes ONLY 4 to become the greatest ever and I’m not betting against a clean sweep of Aussie, French, Wimbledon and US Open in 2014 yes it’s difficult but he’s the man to beat now and hopefully he can do it. Nadal good luck !!!

    • Yes, Rafa is extremely resilient. A large part of that is due to his honesty in dealing with both physical, tactical, and psychological issues involving our great sport. He continues to work on his game in an effort to improve. Amazing champion and greatest competitor ever.

  3. Yes Thank you Louie; Patience ,Courage & Hard Work ,, HE is going to be the BeST Tennis Player of All Time ,, one more Grand Slam tie w/ Pete Sampras ,& 3 more equals Roger Federer ~ “ROCK ON RAFA, ROCK ON’ ‘VAMOS GREAT ONE”

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