And the most popular player during US Open is… Rafael Nadal!

Throughout the 2013 US Open, global social media monitoring leader Synthesio wastracking the social media buzz of all the players with a U.S. Open real-time online leaderboard.

Now the recap results are in, revealing which tennis stars’ digital popularity corresponded to their success on the court. Guess who was the most rooted for player on social media? And the most booed?

A U.S. Open Social Media Recap, courtesy of Synthesio:



  1. I Love Tennis it is my favorite sport, Rafa. is my Favorite, I just love the excitement he brings to the game. I still love watching a great match I don’t care who is playing, I love and respect the Tennis players they work really hard at what they do.

  2. There are many die-hard fans of Roger and Novak who hate Rafa because Rafa has an upper hand over their stars. Roger fans feel threatened by the chances of Rafa surpassing Roger if he is fit. I love tennis and admire good play. Rafa is my #1 and always want him to win, but that does not mean that I hate others..I admire them when they play good. If we love Rafa, we should try to be like him. The way he is so humble, modest and always respecting of his tennis rivals. They are rivals to him on-court. Off-court he has tremendous respect and admiration for everyone. He is a great sportsperson.

  3. No surprises!!! we love him ALL the time, winning or loosing or not competing like last year that we missed him so much at the Open!! Tennis won’t be the same the day he retires.
    Vamooooooosssss RAFA !!!!!!

  4. Rightly at the top of the most rooted, but then we knew he would be 🙂 The only reason Rafa is topping the booed at list is because on every social media I saw, loads of bitter Nole fans were giving Rafa the thumbs down out of jealousy!

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