Rafael Nadal’s girlfriend, family and friends cheer him on at the US Open

As Rafael Nadal fought for his quest to win his second US Open, his stunning girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello and the rest of his family and friends cheered him on from their box. Here are a few pictures of them.

Photos via ESPN, Tennis Magazine, PurePeople and USOpen.org


  1. Well done Rafa! Congratulations what a amazing win! May you win more and more matches in the future. Rafa the humble sportsman – Hope I can see you when you come to melbourne. I tell my grand daughter who is four to play like you and you are the best

  2. Rafa I just love you so much and wish I was in N.Y. to cheer you but I was cheering you on in Toronto in my own living room.When you fell down I had tears in my eyes , but you got up and fought so hard and I knew from the day one at The US Open you are the winner god bless you and your family. Thanks for all the excitement you bring to me as a fan and to all your other fans. Love from Toronto

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