Rafael Nadal: “I enjoy every moment. These things are not for ever.”

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Every time I play Novak we have amazing points, amazing rallies. Today there were lot of moments when I felt I played amazing tennis, but at the end of the second and start of the third Novak was on fire. I tried to wait for the opportunities and I’ve very happy.

I am 100% sure this was the most emotional season of my career. I only remember in those moments all of the people who were with me in the tough moments – the fans, family and my team. They support gave me positive energy to be back on the tour.

Having this success is amazing – I never expected it, that’s life and I’m lucky to have what I’m having. I really love the competition, I really love the sport. All my career I dreamed to be involved in matches like today. I enjoy every moment. These things are not for ever. In a few years I won’t have this chance. I try my best, I have passion and that’s all I can do.


  1. There couldn’t be a more deserving champion. So humble, calm, thoughtful/encouraging of opponent and truly honoured whenever he wins. VAMOS RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rafa, FELICIDADES! You are one of my living heroes. Your attitude and humility inspire me more than your brilliance in tennis.

    I play tennis because of you, I love tennis because of you, I try to manage my temper because of you, and every time I feel like giving up I’d take on your perseverance to lift me up. Keep inspiring people, because your heart is an open window for every one to see whenever you step on the court, and we love your heart!

    Love and blessing from Indonesia! Please come one day to my lovely country.

  3. Credit has to be given where it’s due…Novak(cos I can’t spell his last name ;-)) brings the BEST out of Rafa and that’s why it’s AMAZING tennis when they play each other!!!

  4. Rafa, well deserved – true Champion with a Lion’s heart.. Stay humble and be an inspiration to next generation of Tennis players.

  5. Rafa I really enjoy tennis because of you! I’m so happy when you win and I hate to see you down in a set but I’m always out of my seat praying and hoping and i know you will bring your game back and win! So much love for you words can’t explain tennis is no tennis without you and Serena, the two best players who I love very much. God bless you both!

  6. rafaaaaa whether u win or u lose ,u stole my heart from the day u first defeated federor and i shall respect and support u till the day i have my last breath …vamoss king go on ….tough situations makes people the most strongest which was proven by u ,,the moment wen someone say the word perseverence i would say RAFAA ….where tennis has become a costly dream in my state u have come established an academy in ananthpur (andhra pradesh ) india ..many children dreams got restarted ..thanxxx a lott …

  7. Tennis my first love in Sports! You are inspirational for all of us. We don’t know why but we don’t care..The whole World loves you and we’ll support you all the way Rafa! You are The Best!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  8. And here I am crying again after i read your beautiful words!! You are an example to our world, not only for us, your fans, but for those who believe that things can become better! God bless you and make you shine because you deserve it!!!!!

  9. You will be remembered FOREVER for generations to come….Enjoy your love, passion and dreams, It may not last forever but you did your BEST in every game you encounter as if you are broke and we LOVE you so much for it….Enjoy LIFE..God bless!!!

  10. Rafa congrads. you were amazeing , so proud of you and so happy for you too. My favorite Sportsman and Tennis player. Tennis is my favorite Sport and you my favorite player, that makes for a great combination!!!!

  11. Congratulations Mr. Rafa. You have lifted the game to new heights. Even when you are down in the second set and the third, my gut feeling is that you will definitely bring about some variation to over come Mr. Djokovic. All through the match me and my daughter were sending positive thoughts for your win. A well deserved win with a calculated strong mental effort and attitude. All the applauds to you.
    Chiranjeevi Rao, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India

  12. Enjoy your moment rafa… Maximize your potential … This may not be forever but you be loved forever by your fans and sportslovers even by the generations to come

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