Latin men most wanted in Hollywood: Rafa!

Rafael Nadal’s name is on yet another list. This time, Rafa has been chosen among 11 other Lations on Telemundo Puerto Rico’s list of most wanted Latinos in Hollywood. They described him as a 26 year old man (even though we know that he now is 27), and a famous tennis player and Olympics gold medal winner. Other  names on the list include William Levy, Bruno Mars, and Adam Rodriguez.

Photo via Telemundo Puerto Rico
Photo via Telemundo Puerto Rico

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see a famous actor play the role of Rafa in a biopic. Right now, Rafa is only focused on tennis and has no ambitions of going to Hollywood, but never say never. 🙂

If you were to pick an actor to play Rafa, who would it be? Please share via comments!


  1. Je crois que Jamie Bamber avec un peu des maquillages et des cheveux long fera l’affaire puisqu’il est beau et sexy comme Rafaël. Mama miaaaah! Rafa tu es un trop sexyyyy et craquant!!!!! latino sexy mamamiaaaah!!!!!

    • Jusque là j’ai trouvé 2 acteurs pour jouer Nadal soit JAMIE BAMBER le Britannique ou DAMIEN SARGUE de la comédie musicale française. toujours Sexyyy!

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