Flashback: Rafael Nadal celebrates with La Roja

On this day 3 years ago, Rafael Nadal traveled to South Africa to cheer for his country’s team, La Roja, in the World Cup final against the Netherlands. As is evident by the sheer joy on Rafa’s face, Spain was victorious. Fresh from winning his second Wimbledon championship, Rafa, who had painted his face in Spain’s colors and was draped with a flag, proudly celebrated with the team. He even tried to bite the trophy. Viva La Roja, Vamos Rafa!

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Photos: Getty Images


  1. What a joyous day for the team and Spain I love the way Rafa tried to bite the trophy 🙂

  2. Moi, j’étais pour la Hollande mais bon quand l’Espagne à gagner je me suis aussi réjouie car j’ai des amies espagnoles. Bravo les campeones !!!

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