Rafael Nadal: World No. 1? It COULD happen!

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Fed, Rafa, Nole & Andy

There is one more week of play left at Wimbledon, but while our champion Rafael Nadal is out and enjoying his vacation on the Spanish islands with friends, we  did some calculations to see where his position will be on the ATP rankings in seven days from now when they’re updated, post Wimbledon. Here‘s what it might look like:

  • After Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal will move up from No. 5 to No. 4 in the rankings.
  • Roger Federer will fall from No. 3 to No. 5, but If Tomas Berdych wins Wimbledon 2013, he will move up to No. 5 and Roger Federer will fall to No. 6.
  • No matter who wins at Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic will keep the first position.
  • Andy Murray might lose the No. 2 ranking if David Ferrer wins Wimbledon 2013.
  • Juan Martin Del Potro’s No. 7 ranking is confirmed after Wimbledon 2013.
  • Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will move down to the No. 8 ranking post Wimbledon 2013, subject to Richard Gasquet’s, Tommy Haas’ and others’ performances.

Rafa does not have many points to defend the rest of the year, while the other players still have to defend theirs. There are many tournaments in the second half of the season that Rafa missed completely last year because of his injury. Based on that, what do you think his chances are of closing out the year at a much higher spot, possibly even No. 1? Comment below and let us know.


  1. I think being number 1 is a heavy burden for Rafa,so being number 2 in the world is no bad thing, true fans of Rafa will always support him regardless of his ranking,he’s been number one twice now,I think if it happens that will be nice for him,but as long as he’s enjoying his tennis the results will come and along with that the ranking ,

  2. Well now he’s number 2 and the only spot left for him is the prime position! I think he will definitely do it.

  3. Yea Nadal should be able to move ahead even now that novak is appearing vulnerable and beatable. Let his concentrate and play harder. Vamos Nadal!

  4. Rafa’s probable upcoming tours.


    July 15 – July 21 – Hamburg – 500 – Clay.

    July 29 – August 4 – Citi Open, Washington – 500 – Hard.


    August 5 – August 11 – Montreal – 1000 – Hard.

    August 11 – August 18 – Cincinnati – 1000 – Hard.

    August 26 – September 8 – US OPEN


    September 30 – October 6 – Tokyo Open – 500 – Hard.


    October 6 – October 13 – Shanghai Masters – 1000 – Hard.

    October 21- October 27 – Basel – 500 – Hard.

    October 28 – November 3 – Paris Bercy Masters – 1000 – Hard .


    November 4 – November 11 – ATP World Tour Finals – 1500 – Hard.

    This might help you all to do some maths.

  5. Atp world tour final will play a strong role for rafa to be year end no. 1. Just like it did for nole last year. Rafa wins it and makes his chances bigger.

  6. If nole has a bad us open and rafa reaches at least final of it. I bet he would be no. 1 by year end.

  7. I Think he can be number one. Number two certain but number one more complicated as Novak is way ahead. Though, everything is possible and he may not win many tournaments and lose points! I am positive and I believe he can make it.

    • Annie, he will not lose points anymore. He has no points to defend after wimbledon. So he would just earn, earn and EARN A LOT!!! Hopefully! Good luck and God bless, Rafa!

  8. If Rafa’s knees hold out he has a very good chance of reaching number 2 by the end of the year and number 1 after the Australian Open. Vamos Rafa!!!

  9. Just because he didn’t win in the first round of Wimbledon he won the French and countless others so he should move up to No 4. If Djokovic loses in the final well he should be No 1

  10. He need to win at least 2 masters of the four. Or a masters and us open. Even final showing at us open and 1 masters win would work. Novak should not win wimbledon for rafa to be no. 1 this year. What tournaments are to be played by rafa now. Us open, 4 masters, tokyo atp 500, basel 500 and probably hamburg 500. So even good performances at 4-5 events would help him.

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