34 Beautiful Reasons To Celebrate Rafael Nadal

You’re still a winner in our hearts, Nadal.

So tennis sensation and all-around beautiful man Rafael Nadal was knocked out of the first round of Wimbledon.


But guess what? DOESN’T EVEN MATTER. Because there’s still like 5 billion reasons to celebrate Rafa Nadal.

Julian Finney / Getty Images

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 Source: BuzzFeed Sports


  1. Wimbledon and well tennis in general sucks without you rafa. can’t wait for you to be back and I am so so proud of you for what you have done so far this year. great photos too my favourite is no. 33

  2. What great pics. Rafa we all love you. You´re a great ambassador, gentleman and all round nice guy. Get your knee better. We´ve missed you greatly at Wimbledon. Suerte por proxima Grand Slam.

  3. win or lose, you are still the best…your are our#1. without you, forget about tennis. take care of your knee…stay healthy ’cause we want to see you play for a long time…i we love Rafa. ..vamos Rafa.

  4. Jus one loose wont make him back step…but i cant imagine rafa going out of court without hitting ball to clouds….in the end it was dissipoint…will see him lifting tropy in newyork!!!

  5. That has made a nice start to the day thanks. Yes Wimbledon is not going to be so exciting now but so long as Rafa gets properly fit again is all that matters, just keep bringing us updates and MORE pictures! I love number 33, well I love them all really. Thank you and #VAMOS RAFA!

  6. Awesome video! Thank you Rafael Nadal Fans! Just awesome! Get better our champ! <3

  7. Yes Wimbledon is so boring now without rafa. but am sure that he will come back and win all over again rafa we are all with you

  8. Your still my champion… win or lost, your still the best player… GoodLuck and God bless you more and more… take good care of yourself, GoodHealth always… I love you….

  9. Concentrating on the Clay court season was brilliant! Winning the French was such a highlight for your career and tennis history. As a 100% Rafa fan, I would be satisfied if you took time off to heal. I don’t get excited about a tournament when you are not in it but was really impressed with your come back this year! Stay healthy so we have you for the long run.

  10. Rafa is a winner he overcame so much with his bad knee hold ur head up high..the best in the world RAFAEL NADAL ..VAMOS RAFFA ..

  11. you are class only for your knees you would of won Wimbledon this year we want you to win it next year

  12. I was devastated too! Wimbledon will be so boring now. Rafa we only remember your victories and its only the history you made that will be set for all time! Chin up, get ready for next one. You just had a bad day! We support you no matter what. You are my hero! Take care, rest up and stay strong!

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