Andy Murray: Don’t write Rafael Nadal off. He’ll be back.


… It clearly worked as I got through my first match in straight sets, but obviously the big news of day one was Rafael Nadal losing to Steve Darcis.

I could see what was happening via the scoreboard on Centre Court at each change of ends, but to be honest I didn’t think much about it at the time as I was concentrating on my match.

I know Rafa was in my half of the draw, but I would have to win five matches before it even became an issue for me, so it doesn’t alter my thinking at all right now.

I’m sure there will be people writing Rafa off left right and centre because he lost in the first round, but that happens sometimes. He’ll be back. 

I’ve no idea how bad his knee is and whether it affected him, but I’m sure the thing he found really difficult was that this year he’s played predominantly on clay.

He didn’t have a warm-up event on grass after the French Open and he was playing against a guy who likes playing on grass – Darcis beat Tomas Berdych in the first round of the Olympics here last year, so he likes this surface.

Players get injured a lot and you often have niggles that you have to deal with. Sometimes they make no difference to how you play, sometimes they make a big difference, but the thing with injuries is that if you say something about it afterwards, you’re called a sore loser.

The fact is everybody’s got used to the top guys dominating at the end of Grand Slams and that can’t go on forever.

It feels like a big surprise that Rafa is out, and last year it was a huge shock when he lost to Lukas Rosol, but I’m sure that in the years to come it won’t be so surprising because there’s going to be more guys coming up and challenging.

It’s so tough to keep getting to the latter stages and winning these events all the time, because the level of play is getting better, guys are continuing to improve, and there’s a lot of pressure as well. Sometimes that can get to you, and the more times you have to deal with it, the harder it can become.

You can read Andy Murray’s BBC Sport column here.


  1. RAFA will be back and show everyone how its done……… Murray is just getting lucky 2 years in a row…….

  2. You can’t keep a great player like Rafa down..he will be back Andy Murray deserves to win ,,he is consistent,,,love my novak<3

  3. ALLORA DARCIS DEVE ARRIARE IN SEMI FINALE ALTRIMENTI DARCIS è UN PERDENTE ED HA pproffitato di un nadal che nell erba ha giocato mediocre,ed perchenon ha mai giocato su cerba ,infattti quando ha sempre gtiocato su erb a è arrivato sempre in fondo o lo ha vinto ,caro darcis se non arrivi in semi finale vuol dire che sei mediocre e basta e la ctua vittoria è un caso voluto d un gocatore che non giocava su erba da 12 mesi senza giocarci prima un pretorno

  4. Nice comments from Andy! But I bet he happy not to have to face Rafa come semi finals time. Rafa will be back and we the fans can’t wait.

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