Did You Hear? Rafael Nadal And The Other Top Players’ Interviews Are Boring!

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images North America
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images North America

A certain player once again spoke candidly about his views on his fellow players, this time including not just Rafael Nadal but also the rest of the top 4 players. Ernests Gulbis spoke with L’Equipe in his usual frank manner. The Telegraph published an op-ed about the interview. Here are excerpts from the article. Read the full article here. 

“Tennis today badly lacks characters,” said Gulbis, whose French Open came to an end when he lost to Gaël Monfils on Wednesday afternoon.

“I respect RogerRafaNovak and Murray but, for me, all four of them are boring players. Their interviews are boring. Honestly, they are c—.”

Gulbis’s comments, published in the French newspaper L’Equipe, will resonate with many of tennis’s broadcasters and promoters, as well as the fans who still flock to see John McEnroe stage mini-tantrums at seniors events around the world.

“It is Federer who started this fashion,” he said. “He has a superb image of the perfect Swiss gentleman. I respect Federer but I don’t like it that young players try to imitate him. When I hear them answer like Roger, I am terrified by phrases like, ‘I had a little bit more success at certain moments and that is how I won.’

“If I win, the guy on the other side of the net, I have sent him home. I do not want to hear in an interview a guy who I will not name, but who I know well that he thinks all his opponents are a—holes, putting on an act.

“I would like interviews to be more like in boxing. When they face each other down at the weigh-in they bring what the fans want: war, blood, emotion.”

There is something to be said about being bold enough to express one’s opinion, but there is a fine line between being bold and being disrespectful. Perhaps “boring” could be “routine”? You tell us – are Rafa’s interviews boring? 


  1. I don’t find rafa boring he is always a pleasure to listen to honest about the game ,he is a true champion .

  2. It is because he has played against the likes of Rafa that the general tennis know of his existence! Grow up Gulbis and show some respect and humility.

  3. Has Gulbis never heard of wisdom and humility? Well obviosly not, he could do him self a favour and look the meaning of these words and learn. He is a disgrace to tennis, learn form Rafa who is a gent and brings alot to the game, besides being an amazing athlete.

  4. WOW Gulbis talk about a poor Sport, it sounds like you just bit into a sour Apple what a sore loser you are disrespectful why don’t you just get out of the sport if you cant take getting beat by the others after all every one cant be # 1 payers, so show respect. and stop crying like a baby.

  5. sorry he lost from Monfils who is not even 100% fit after he comeback…..he’s deeply hurt. Please open your mouth after you’ve won a GS or even a low atp250 tittle….

  6. One could also say that these guys get asked the same questions and they must be bored with that. Guilbis is a fantastic player and HE must be bored for wanting something more aggressive. He should concentrate more on his tennis or the public will find him boring.

  7. let’s just ignore that piece of whatever he is. he should switch from being a tennis player to be a boxer if he wants but come on, don’t be such a disgrace in a sport where, i think respect is still present in every corner. i also think that this is Gulbis’ way of just getting a lot of attention. he’s rude and all that’s why we never heard of him like the top 4 seeds. he’s crap.

  8. Gulbis is a spoiled rich brat. I don’t want to listen to anything he says. I love listening to Rafa even if I don’t understand his Spanish. He is always easy on the eyes.

  9. Gulbis is rude and just down right nasty. You do not talk like that about other players. It’s funny, he has to use his mouth to talk about other players because he can’t “kick ass” on the tennis court. Loser. Frustrated man there.

  10. Haha!! Frustrated for sure!!! He has potential but that reaction is not the way!!! This a classic game and enough stupidly out here to have tennis to be bullying other players!! It would make tennis ugly!! Let the players be agressive in court hitting the ball hard etc.. What is wrong with him? I never saw his interview so I guess they are fun? As anyone seen his interview? And if media is asking same stuff over and over it becomes boring I guess!! Not players fault if they come across boring!! Grow up Gulbis!!!

  11. Definily aren´t boring, Nadal is the player that makes best evaluation of the match, that´s what you supposed to do. There are many ways that you could express yourself and a disrespectful one. Gulbis does the last.

  12. Love Rafa, but apart from his wacky expressions, his interviews are pretty safe and dull. Gulbis is right that most tennis players have been media trained out of saying anything controversial. I don’t care for Gulbis, but he’s correct about that.

    So what’s the c-word that’s edited??

    And any guesses on the player he knows well who’s putting on an act?

  13. There is nothing boring about Rafa-that’s for sure. Gulbis is just rude, maybe he should take up boxing where show-boating is appreciated. Tennis doesn’t lend itself to show-boating.

  14. I guess he is frustreted that’s all! he he doesn’t like their interviews, he should stop listening! As far as I am concerned, I love listening to Rafa!

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