Rafa Nadal Wins Madrid Open Final!

photo courtesy Getty Images
Photo courtesy Getty Images

Rafa has done it – shown us what resilience and having the right spirit and attitude can do to a world-class sportsman, despite injury, in the face of skepticism, and through brief periods of self-doubt. After a seven-month hiatus due to a serious injury that many thought would be the beginning of the end, he’s shown us just the opposite. He’s been in seven straight finals and won five. That is quite an accomplishment, to say the least.

Rafa is not just another top 10 player. What’s different about Rafa is that he doesn’t make it look easy. You feel the grit of every shot, see the grimace of the impact on his body, and you can feel him play. And, like many die-hard fans, with each big hit, you hope there isn’t any more damage. And at the end of every match, you breathe a sigh of relief that he’s OK. He earns those wins by working hard for them.

Congratulations Rafa! We, your fans, are overjoyed, and glad that you are well. Now on to Rome, then Roland Garros! Vamos!


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