Rafa Roundup: May 10, 2013


EFE/Chema Moya
EFE/Chema Moya

Errani: “I would like to play with Nadal, because he’s the one I like the most. But just for some shots – not for full points, that would just be impossible. I cannot win one point against him!”

“I don’t feel singled out. The rules are the rules. I’m not in favour of this rule without any doubt. I don’t think it’s good for the spectators or the players.” 

“The spectators love to see long points, but with this rule, the only thing they favour is that this doesn’t happen because with 25 seconds, it’s more difficult to recover and to have many points at this level.” – Rafael Nadal 


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Photos: Rafa Nadal reaches Madrid Open QFs, set to play against David Ferrer

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