CNN Open Court: Rafael Nadal returns to the court

CNN’s Don Riddell speaks with 11-time grand slam champion Rafael Nadal in Mexico.

Rafael Nadal has called for stricter doping controls and more transparency to help eradicate drug cheating in tennis.

“It’s something even I don’t like to talk about because it has damaged the image of sport, and sport doesn’t deserve this kind of thing in my opinion. When somebody like Armstrong was an idol for most of the people who loved sport, at the end, you see that was not true. It’s a big disappointment, so I think we need to work together in the same direction to change the situation. It cannot continue like this.We need to be stricter on a few things. We need to have all the controls made public.”

Rafa said tennis needs an all-encompassing approach to drug testing in order to maintain the sport’s image.

“We have to work together, we have to be working together with the administrators and hopefully we can change that terrible situation. We are lucky that in tennis, it has happened in just very exceptional cases but at the end, tennis is in sport, so if that happens in other sports, it affects tennis too.”


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