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Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal out of Toronto and Cincinnati due to wrist injury


“Unfortunately I injured my right wrist yesterday during practice and after the tests I have undergone today in Spain, including an MRI, and checking with my doctors, I will have to stay out of competition for at least 2-3 weeks. I am sorry and wish the best to the tournament and thank all of the fans for their support,” said Nadal.

“I’m extremely disappointed that I am unable to defend my titles and compete in Toronto and Cincinnati this year. I was looking forward to coming and playing again after my great results last year.”

“It is very unfortunate that Rafa is unable to defend his title. He is a great champion, and his run to the title last year electrified our fans. We will miss him, and we wish him a very speedy recovery,” said tournament director Vince Cicero.”

“There are three guys staying up there,” Berdych said. “There was one change with Stan getting up there by winning the Slam at the beginning of the year. You really need to win a Slam to get there. Stan had a great run in Australia. “Then Rafa and Novak. Nothing really changed after that. I wouldn’t say it’s really open there. It was just the moment Stan jumped up and took it. I think it’s back to the old lines like it was before.”

Nadal told reporters that despite his strong standing in the rankings, that Novak Djokovic, not him, is the favorite to finish the year No. 1. Nadal also added that his happiness doesn’t depend on being No. 1 or No. 2. However when he is healthy he is happy.

“No voy a pelear para volver a ser el número uno, ya lo dije cuando volví de mi lesión de rodilla en 2013″. “El número uno ya dije que nunca más quizá volvería a ser un objetivo para mí y no lo va a ser. No voy a hacer nada que vaya en contra de que me pueda quitar meses o algún año de carrera para intentar pelear el número uno”, ha indicado el mallorquín que asegura que le hace más feliz “poder ver que estoy sano”.

This talented 11-year-old tennis player has dreams of taking on the world’s number one, but first he needs to practice, practice, practice. … The mental work is just as important as physical, as it helps players get out of a slump. His idol Rafael Nadal, whom he hopes to challenge one day, has a similar mentality. “He (Rafael) can be down two sets and come back to win,” Mason said. “To play against him would be the ultimate ­feeling.”

SI.com: If you could improve your game physically, mentally, or tactically, which one would you choose? Cilic: Physically, I think. Tactically and mentally, I think I’m good. In today’s game, the quickest guys have the advantage. And in general in sports, if you’re fast you have a much bigger chance to succeed. I’m trying to improve, but it’s tough against natural athletes who are amazingly fast like Rafa [Nadal] or Roger [Federer] or Novak.

PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal practices in Manacor


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PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal practices in Manacor

World No. 2 Rafael Nadal was seen practicing on a hard court in Manacor. According to Rafa’s french fan Mathilde, on his forehand shots were powerful, and he seemed to move at ease. And as usual, his cousins were also there yesterday and they played football with Rafa.

We’re looking forward to seeing our champ next week in Toronto. Vamos Rafa!

All photos are courtesy of Mathilde Veauville. You can follow her on Twitter at @bluemathilde. Thank you!

Rafa Roundup: Who has the best fans? Vote for Rafael Nadal!

Fan Favorites - Vote for Rafael Nadal Fans


Q. In New York, in fact, you’ve won twice.
Rafa: And of course I can not wait to play there. It is always a Grand Slam, always a great emotion.
Q. Are you ready?
Rafa: Ah, who knows… I can only say that I’m training hard. The results then depend on many things.
Q. Let’s talk about your other sport passion: it was also the year of “La Decima” of your Real Madrid.
Rafa: Ah, what a thrill, too. Of course I saw the match, I would not have missed it for the world. My celebration was crazy: the title was unforgettable.

The hunt for rarefied products plays to smaller elite brands such as Corthay that offer something new, said Sharma. Prices of ready-to-wear models such as the Casanova Oxford start from about $1,500. The company has about 500 clients for its bespoke footwear, including Nadal and actors Clive Owen and Cate Blanchett.

Guests at this once in a lifetime experience will spend and unforgettable evening dining at the luxurious St. Regis New York with Rafael Nadal. This experience consists of a cocktail reception and meet and greet followed by a 5 course dinner and wine experience with Rafa.

El tenista mallorquín Rafa Nadal pasó la jornada de ayer en Fornells con unos amigos. El deportista de Manacor se desplazó hasta Menorca y posteriormente colgó en las redes sociales una fotografía en compañía de su pareja Xisca Perelló y de sus allegados.

“El verano pasado jugó increíble, como nunca en pista dura”, resumió Francis Roig, el técnico que acompañará al mallorquín en Toronto y Cincinnati. “Contra jugadores que no son Djokovic, Murray o algunos más, le puede ser suficiente en un momento dado hacer otro tipo de tenis, pero él sabe que ante los buenos de verdad solo hay un camino y es jugar más agresivo. Lleva años intentando hacerlo, pero no siempre lo ha conseguido. En Montreal, Cincinnati y el Abierto de los Estados Unidos de la temporada pasada le salió muy bien. Es el mejor tenis que yo le he visto”.  … “Nadal va a hacer una muy buena temporada por América, como la que hizo el año pasado”, explicó Christian Garín, el chileno de 18 años que entrena estos días con el número dos en Mallorca. “Rafa es de los mejores de la historia. Le he visto muy tranquilo, contento por haber tenido un poco de descanso tras varios torneos muy buenos.”

In January 2009, a shocking occurrence rocked the tennis world: Rafael Nadal stepped on court wearing a shirt… with sleeves. Now, 5 years later, it seems the opposite is about to occur. Rumors are swirling, yet to be confirmed by Nike or any retailers, and he’s been seen practicing in the above top in Mallorca, but how would you feel if Rafa went back to sleeveless for the US Open?

El Club Internacional de Tenis de Majadahonda es hasta este sábado la sede del circuito internacional Rafa Nadal Tour by MAPFRE. Madrid es la tercera parada de este torneo tras las de Sevilla y Barcelona.

Photo via The Telegraph

Photo via The Telegraph



PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal practices in Mallorca

Rafael Nadal was spotted yesterday during a training session in Mallorca. He practiced with his best friend Tomeu Salva under the watchful eye of Uncle Toni but didn’t have time to sign autographs for fans because he had to go to football match. After the practice, he apologized to all fans and told them to come back next day at 10 am. Here are some photos.

A big thank you to Mathilde Veauville (@bluemathilde) for the photos!

Rafael Nadal Attends FC Inter Manacor Match [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

After the practiceRafael Nadal took some time to enjoy a football match between FC Inter Manacor and Serverense.

Happy birthday Miguel Angel Nadal!

On behalf of RafaelNadalFans.com, we’d like to wish Rafael Nadal’s uncle, Miguel Angel Nadal, a very happy birthday! He turns 48 today.

His uncle Miguel won five Spanish titles with FC Barcelona in the 1990s as well as the UEFA European Cup in 1992 and Cup Winners’ Cup in ’97. The Majorca native also turned out 62 times for Spain.

May he enjoy this wonderful day with his loved ones.

Photos via fanpop

PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal enjoys time off from tennis with his beautiful girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello

Rafael Nadal was spotted enjoying a nice afternoon with his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello on the boat that was semi-spoiled by the paparazzi. Just look at how happy he is before he spots the cameras.

Photos: celebspix.ru

Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal tops list for best known and most admired person in Spain

Photo via Instagram/@beacasal04

Photo via Instagram/@beacasal04


Imagine a night where you get to have some food, relax by the pool, and then play poker with your friends. Couldn’t be much better, right? Well, it could if one of your friends was Rafa Nadal and he invited you over for a little fun. This past week, Rafa had his friends and family together for a barbecue and some poker. Included among them was Spanish basketball captain, Juan Carlos Navarro.

El tenista Rafael Nadal es el español más conocido y mejor valorado por cuarta vez consecutiva desde el año 2010, según una encuesta de Personality Media entre 40.000 consumidores que analiza las preferencias publicitarias, comerciales, de imagen y de consumo de la población. Nadal continúa siendo el más valorado con una nota de 8.1, distanciándose en más de medio punto del segundo clasificado, el también deportista, recientemente fichado por Chicago Bulls, Pau Gasol (7.5).

The world’s top two tennis players, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, have confirmed they will return to Abu Dhabi for the season-opening Mubadala World Tennis Championships from January 1 to 3, 2015.

Rafa: “The standards are always high in Abu Dhabi, the crowds are fantastic and there is a real buzz around the city so returning was an easy decision to make. It’s the perfect place to start the year and although there is still a long way to go in this current season, we have to plan ahead and make sure we give ourselves to best opportunities to start the year strong. For me that would be playing the Mubadala World Tennis Championships where all top players want to play. I hope this year I can win!”

«Ese me cuesta más porque no ves nada del juego y estás totalmente a ciegas. El Texas me divierte porque ves las posibilidades sin tener que arriesgar mucho». Nadal dejó pasar dos años antes de aceptar la propuesta. «Volvieron y, bueno, sinceramente fui yo quien dijo que sí, porque mi padre no estaba muy por la labor y Carlos (Costa) tampoco, pero yo ya entendía un poquito más lo que era el póquer y dije que sí, sin miedo a lo que pensaran de mí. Al final, la opinión sobre ti no depende de un anuncio, sino de lo que ven cada día en la pista de tenis y en tu vida normal, cuando eres tú.»

P. ¿Le gusta farolear? Rafa: No me gusta nada y según me han enseñado no es una parte fundamental. Hay momentos en los que lo necesitas; pero la base del juego no es esa.  P. ¿Podríamos verle jugar Las World Series en Las Vegas, como Gerard Piqué? Rafa: Ahora mismo para mí eso es imposible. Mientras esté en mi carrera tenística no. Pero cuando me retire no veo por qué no. En lo que no me veo es haciendo un Tour mundial, se lo digo claramente, pero sí podría jugar algunos torneos.

Now a decade old, only four players have bagged the ultimate bonus by finishing atop the Series standings and also winning the U.S. Open. It’s a quality list, too: Williams and Nadal (both last year), and Kim Clijsters (2005) and Roger Federer (2007).

La presidenta de la Fundación Rafa Nadal, Ana María Parera, sigue de cerca los progresos de los jóvenes y manifiesta su satisfacción con los resultados: “Nos llena de orgullo ver como año tras año el proyecto va creciendo, aportando beneficios más que evidentes a los más pequeños y a sus familias”.

El Centro Internacional de Tenis (CIT) que Rafel Nadal tiene proyectado en las afueras de Manacor será una realidad en septiembre de 2015. Fuentes consultadas por este periódico indicaron que la voluntad tanto del tenista número dos del mundo, como la de su entorno es la de empezar las obras lo más pronto posible tras el verano, con el fin de que estén casi listas dentro de un año.



ATP Rankings: Rafael Nadal 460 points behind Novak Djokovic

In the latest ATP Ranking List as of Monday, July 21, Rafael Nadal is ranked second with 12,670 points, only 460 behind top-ranked Novak Djokovic.

ATP top 10 as of July 21:

ATP Rankings: July 21, 2014

ATP Rankings: July 21, 2014

In the ATP Race to London List Rafa is still second with 6,645 points. VAMOS RAFA!

PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello look amazing at friends’ wedding

Rafael Nadal and his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello attended Francis Roig’s wedding in Formentera, Spain on Saturday afternoon. Here are some photos of lovely couple.

Photos: celebspix.ru

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