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WATCH: Rafael Nadal Attends David Bisbal’s Concert In Mallorca (August 23, 2014)

Last week Rafael Nadal went to the David Bisbal concert in Felanitx, Mallorca. Check it out!

Video: David Bisbal
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Rafa Roundup: What is it that fans love about Rafael Nadal?

Photo via Nike Tennis

Photo via Nike Tennis


What is it that I love about him? His face. His grunts. His wedgie-picking. I like that he’s coached by his uncle, and that he has a totally unguarded, sweet smile. I like his Facebook page, where he posts pictures of himself in his swimming pool with his entire family, as if that’s a normal thing to do. I like the slightly deer-in-headlights look he gets whenever he’s in front of a camera and not in motion with his racquet extended. … A couple of years ago, I saw Nadal walking down the street in Manhattan during the Open, and he seemed so small, so human-sized. I prefer him on television, where his forearms are the size of my thighs. Rest up that wrist, Rafa. I’m not ready to give you up just yet.

El tenista más laureado de España es el miembro de un clan que deja pequeños a los Sánchez Vicario. Si los Kennedy son la familia real de Estados Unidos aunque cuenten con un único monarca en su árbol genealógico, los Nadal son la ‘Sagrada Familia’ de Mallorca.

Federer and Nadal have never played each other at Flushing Meadows, the only significant tournament that has not seen an installment of their famous rivalry. Nadal is 23-10 lifetime against Federer. The world No. 2 has won their last five meetings, including a straight-sets win at the Australian Open in January. “I mean, maybe he was not going to be in my section. Maybe I wouldn’t have played him at all, like I have never played him here in the last ten years anyways,” Federer said. “I mean, it’s just that the focus is more on you or other players rather than him.”

Boris Becker: If you see the world rankings and how much Novak and Rafael are away from the rest, it’s not happening it yet. I think the rest are still behind. … I can tell you who I wouldn’t want to play: Novak on a slow hardcourt or Nadal on any clay court or Federer in his prime on grass. My best chance against these guys would have been on grass or indoors.

… 1. Rafael Nadal 2. Novak Djokovic 3. Roger Federer Not even close. A near first-place sweep for Nadal, although it seems best not to ask him to play for your life at this United States Open (he has withdrawn).


  • Rafael Nadal attends Julio Iglesias’ concert in Alicante (August 6, 2014)


ATP List: Rafael Nadal in danger of losing No. 2 ranking to Roger Federer

The last Grand Slam of the season starts today, but we are not excited as usual because defending US Open champ won’t be able to defend his title due to a wrist injury.

Since Rafa is not able to play in New York City, Roger Federer has a great chance to gain points – if Roger wins the title, he will officially usurp Rafa as the No. 2 player in the world.

ATP top 10 as of August 25:

ATP Rankings: August 25, 2014

ATP Rankings: August 25, 2014

In the Race to London Rafa is still behind Djokovic like he was last week.

Rafa Roundup: Federer and Djokovic hope to see Nadal back on tour soon

Photo: Nike

Photo: Nike


Roger Federer hopes to see his rival Rafael Nadal back on tour soon, but he won’t deny that the Spaniard’s absence from the U.S. Open creates an opportunity. Nadal announced last week that he would not defend his U.S. Open title due to a right wrist injury he sustained during training, meaning the Spaniard’s stronghold over Federer — he owns a 23-10 advantage in their career head-to-head — won’t be getting any worse in New York City. “For us, the players, I mean, we hope he gets well and he feels better quickly and all these things and he’s back on tour soon,” Federer told reporters on Saturday. “But at the same time, I think what stands out is the opportunity to try to take advantage of him, the fact that he’s not here. It’s one less really difficult player to beat maybe.”

“Rafa obviously has a serious injury, otherwise he wouldn’t be here. I’m sure about that. I’ve known him for many years. He’s a great competitor. He’s somebody that doesn’t give up so easily. If he had the chance to play the US Open, he’d be here. Obviously not having Nadal in any tournament is a loss…”

Q. Does tennis need a shot clock? Patrick McEnroe: “I think they should enforce the rule…I think that the players get away with murder, okay? The fact that the officials too much in my opinion let the players run the asylum…I love Rafael Nadal, don’t get me wrong. If I’m Rafael Nadal, everybody knows when they call the match, he’s going to sit there for five minutes and not come out of the locker room. You know what, last time I checked, when the Super Bowl is going to kick off, at 6:42, guess what, it kicks off at 6:42.”

Photo: David Bisbal Instagram

Photo: David Bisbal Instagram

Right now Roger Federer holds the record with 17, but his nearly-five-years-younger rival Rafael Nadal is coming on strong, with 14. Starting next week at the U.S. Open, the 33-year-old Federer will get a chance to add to his record, while the 28-year-old Nadal is on the shelf with a wrist injury. Tennis correspondent Simon Briggs of London’s Daily Telegraph puts the longevity question thusly: “we can probably agree that Nadal at his best would beat a fit and firing Federer on the majority of surfaces. Even on grass, judging by the epoch-defining Wimbledon final of 2008. But could Nadal ever be as great, for as long, as Federer has been? Not a chance.”

Benito Pérez Barbadillo, jefe de prensa de Rafael Nadal, charló en la radio de la BBC sobre la lesión del actual número dos del mundo. “De ninguna manera necesita cirugía en la muñeca. Es una lesión completamente diferente a la de Juan Martín Del Potro, el tendón no está afectado. … No sé y tampoco quiero decir una fecha porque luego todo el mundo se va a ‘tirar encima’ de lo que diga… pero no debería tardar mucho. Ojalá podamos verlo en Asia y por qué no en la Copa Davis, pero no estoy diciendo que sea el caso. No es el momento para hablar de esto”.

“There’s a lot of coaches out there, male coaches, that Amélie could comfortably beat at tennis,” Murray said. “I’m sure if Amélie played tennis against Toni Nadal [Rafael Nadal's uncle and coach] it would be a pretty comfortable win for Amélie.

PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal soaks up the sun on yacht with his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello


PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal soaks up the sun on yacht with his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello

Having withdrawn from the US Open, Rafael Nadal has plenty of time for an extended vacation with girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello. Two days ago, the two were spotted having a great time on a yacht in Spain.

Photos: celebspix.ru

WATCH: Rafael Nadal Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Ronaldo, Carlos Moya & Mireia Belmonte

Rafael Nadal joined millions on Friday when he took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at his home. Brazilian legend Ronaldo and Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte get a nomination, along with Carlos Moya.

Video: YouTube/RafaNadalOfficial

Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal does not need surgery on his injured wrist

Photo: Nike

Photo: Nike


Nadal often leaves the ground to strike his whipsaw forehand; the accumulation of forces he imparts into the court and through body rotation cause his lift.

Q. And you trained with Rafa last year, is that right? Borna Coric: I had a week with him at the end of last year and I think it helped a lot. I can only say thank you very much to him for having me. I learned a lot from him – of course he’s a much better player than me, but also because of the way he trained every day. It was an unbelievable experience for me.

“Es una lesión que cursa con dolor severo”, explicó a este portal Blanca Bernal, la única fisioterapeuta española que ha trabajado para la WTA (2010 a 2012) y ahora cuida de Silvia Soler y Shuai Zhang por todos los rincones del mundo. “Especialmente, en el momento del golpeo de la pelota, que desemboca en impotencia funcional. En consecuencia, el jugador no es capaz de generar fuerza”, sigue la madrileña sobre el efecto de la lesión sobre la pista, en plena competición.

Sin una fecha clara en su vuelta, el balear ve como con esta decisión sus posibilidades de llegar al número uno del mundo en 2014 son casi nulas. Depende en gran medida de una debacle de Novak Djokovic. Pero Rafa siempre insistió en que a esta altura de su carrera estar en el trono del tenis mundial no es algo por lo que se desviva. “Cuando soy el número uno no me levanto más feliz que cuando soy el número dos, en cambio si que me hace feliz poder ver que estoy sano”, razonaba Nadal unas semanas atrás.

Hace seis años, un jovencito Rafael Nadal, de tan sólo 22 años, se hacía con el oro olímpico en Beijing. Ese triunfo, le permitía alcanzar los puntos necesarios para sobrepasar a Roger Federer en la clasificación mundial como número 1 de la ATP. Hoy, seis años después, su carrera continúa tan meteórica o más como parecía por aquel entonces.

Photo: Miquel Borras (Diario As)

Photo: Miquel Borras (Diario As)

But for anyone who isn’t on Djokovic’s side of the draw, Nadal’s absence could be a blessing. Could this be the year Dmitrov finally breaks through? Could Ferrer top the tennis world without Nadal standing in his way? Will another surprising contender emerge?

PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal attends Real Madrid football match

AUDIO: BBC Radio5 had a chat with Rafael Nadal’s PR manager (via @woody16668)


VIDEO: Welcome to Nike Court

Nike has always believed in the concept of future heritage, meaning that you must respect the past to create the future. With this mantra in mind, Nike has created the Court Collection, merging yesterday’s style and attitude with today’s performance technologies.

Video: YouTube/TheMillersFan

VIDEOS: Rafael Nadal practices in Mallorca (August 21, 2014)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Video: YouTube/Satu Cantero

VIDEO: Rafael Nadal is optimistic over Spain’s future

Video: YouTube/Selección Española de Fútbol (SeFutbol)

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