2017 Schedule

Where does Rafael Nadal play next?

Check out his 2017 schedule!

Rafael Nadal in action during a practice session ahead of the 2016 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 14, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Michael Dodge/Getty Images)
Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Please note that the schedule depends on Rafa’s health and availability, and can change anytime.

Stay tuned for more updates in case of schedule changes.


Mubadala World Tennis Championship, Abu Dhabi – exhibition match (December 29 – 31)


Brisbane, Australia (January 1 – 8)

Australian Open (January 16 – 29)


Rotterdam, Netherlands (February 13 – 19 )

Acapulco, Mexico (February 27 – March 4)


Indian Wells, USA (March 9 – 18)

Miami, USA (March 22 – April 2)


Monte-Carlo (April 16 – 23)

Barcelona, Spain (April 24 – 30)


Madrid, Spain (May 7 – 14)

Rome, Italy (May 14 – 21)

Roland Garros (May 28 – June 11)


Wimbledon (July 3 – 16)


Montreal, Canada (August 7 – 13)

Cincinnati, USA (August 13 – 20)

US Open (August 28 – September 10)


Beijing, China (October 2 – 8)

Shanghai, China (October 8 -15)

Basel, Switzerland (October 23 – 29)

Paris, France (October 30 – November 5)


ATP World Tour Finals, London – needs to qualify (November 12 – 19)

31 thoughts on “2017 Schedule

  1. wendy geiger

    RAFA, please wear solid-colored, bright, neon shirt colors.
    I’m superstitious. This is how you always wonbefore.
    Forget those 2-toned colored shirts.
    Solid top. Solid shirts. Solid wins.


  2. indumati j shetty

    I am an,ardent fan of Nadal! Hope & pray Nadal would once again make a miraculous come back & gladden the hearts of his hard core admirers like us!


  3. glennis

    hope that everything is ok with,my thoughts are with you,the little three year old is so sweet and he will remember that time he played with rafa,by for now and hope to see you in basal next vamos rafa glennis in the lsle of man.


  4. Sharina Blevins

    Looking forward to see Rafa play in Beijing. I think this year’s remainder of the season he will do better than he usually plays because he will be well rested unlike previous years when he is already tired by October. Vamos Rafa !!!!!


    1. ANAKe Kasatri

      Sad and sorry for Rafa for early exit at USO.
      Nadal’s level is going down the drain from bad to worse.Rafa being destroyed by the brain block and by a the old bunch of people(team)
      surrounding him.Rafa has shown no sign of
      Improvement at all by becoming victim to the younger players time and again.Mentally Rafa
      looses the match before it starts,so, we think that for whatever time he has left Nadal must take help from Yoga therapy. For Rafa to go to the London in this November has become very
      doubtful.Nadal has to have new approach and
      additional advisors to improve his serve and
      Aggressiveness,otherwise Rafa will become
      a big looser and his fans will not forgive him.


      1. There will be nothing to forgive. True Rafa fans do not pass judgement on him in this manner. Nor would they consider him a ” big loser” if he fails to achieve what we they would like him to.
        Rafa always does his best .If his best is not giving the desired results now it can be attributed to many things – years on the circuit, injuries, fear of injury, or other reasons of whidh we have no knowledge
        No one stays at the top forever. Rafa is no exception. We can all hope for an improved 2017 and just support him accordingly.
        . It is not up to us to tell him what he should do. We do not know him personally and can not really know what or how he is thinking.
        So sorry you are feeling so disillusioned with Rafa at the moment. I know that you want the best for him as do we all.


      2. A real Rafa fan

        Man seriously, what is there to forgive? He has suprised us every time. Okay things haven’t fallen his way and yes he’s getting a bit slower and stuff now that he becomes a bit older. But never, and I mean never, count rafa out! He and his team know what they have to do to play for the big titles again. This year he was just very unlucky when he got that injury in the middle of the season, just when he started to play much better than before. Also keep in mind that he still suffered from his wrist injury from when he played the Olympics until the end of the season. He still is able to win another Major, i’m sure of that. If you really are a Rafa fan, you won’t have to forgive him for anything he has done in his career as he already has surprised us time and time again!


    2. ANAKE Kasatri

      Rafa is being surrounded by a group of people for too long a time.It’s time he makes changes
      and bring in some new experienced advisors.
      Rafa’s serve both at RIO and USO has totally
      Destroyed him and has become a big concern.
      Rafa is in a situation of Brain Block and can’t
      Cope up with young hard hitters. He must be
      Never under estimate the opponents.Rafa has
      worked very hard. Now he needs YOGA only.


      1. Yes, he has worked very hard and yes, he may find the young hard hitters a problem but he can only do what his body is capable of doing at this stage in his career.
        As to new blood on his team Rafa is very comfortable with the people he has around him. His uncle in particular has coached him since he was three years old and has been his guide through fourteen grand slams and almost thirty masters titles as well as other titles. Much as some think he now needs a change and perhaps he does, Rafa himself may not feel at ease in this situation in which case new faces would not have the desired affect. As I said in my previous post we do not know Rafa personally and cannot really know what he is thinking.


  5. Yuvraj Mor

    Rafa, we wish that u will put your best in Rio and make ur country and fans proud. Looking for your previous form in US Open…


  6. glennis

    hope you are healing well rafa,just visited your home for a week good weather good food fantactic place mallorca,going again in five weeks time by for now vamos rafa.


  7. Catalina

    I totally agree! He’ made me love tennis so much and he is the reason I watch every tennis tournament he plays in. He is the most spectacular tennis player of all times, and the most fascinating to watch. I can’t wait to see him lifting more trophies this year. Vamos!


    1. Hi Catalina,

      I totally agree with you. For me, Rafa is by far the most exciting and captivating player there is.
      The thrill is just gone when he is missing in action. I only hope the djoker era of dominance would just end already! He’s so boring and text-book mechanical.

      It is rather amazing how much Rafa has accomplished in the face of so many adversities throughout his career. If he can stay healthy long enough we’ll all be in for some vintage Rafa competition and super results.



  8. Georgina Hodgson

    When Rafa believes in himself he is unstoppable. He still has a few wrinkles to iron out but it seems he is on the right track! Such a relief to see him winning again. There is no one, no other sportsman who plays with such passion, energy, enthusiasm. He is the most exciting tennis player to watch. Vamos Rafa!!!


  9. sussana

    No entiendo como hay gente, que casi le escriben a todos los que ganan casi una carta. Ellos no tienen tiemoi de leer historias. DO IT, SHORT AND TO THE POINT,


  10. Catalina

    I love watching Rafa play tremendously and I am happy about this schedule. I can see him more! Maybe even in Cincinnati, near my home base. Vamos, Rafa! I wish you a very successful et of the year. You are doing great in Indian Wells.


  11. rob

    this seems such a long and hard work. If he starts getting to the finals and winning i hope he can skip a couple. A busy schedule can perhaps help him get rid of excesive nervousness and allow his body to loosen up a bit and then get sharp and nail it for the rest of his career. Whatever the outcome it looks “the bull” is ready to fight. Wish him joy and glory


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