2017 Schedule

Where does Rafael Nadal play next?

Check out his 2017 schedule!

Rafael Nadal in action during a practice session ahead of the 2016 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 14, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Michael Dodge/Getty Images)
Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Please note that the schedule depends on Rafa’s health and availability, and can change anytime.

Stay tuned for more updates in case of schedule changes.


Mubadala World Tennis Championship, Abu Dhabi – exhibition match (December 29 – 31)


Brisbane, Australia (January 1 – 8)

Australian Open (January 16 – 29)


Rotterdam, Netherlands (February 13 – 19)

UPDATE: February 9, 2017 – Rafa Nadal: “I am very sorry to announce I won’t be able to play in Rotterdam next week. After last year’s absence from some tournaments, I started this season well and made a significant effort during the Australian swing. It’s because of this that my doctors have strongly advised me to take it easy and give enough rest to my body before competing again to avoid further injuries. I fully understand that the Dutch fans will be disappointed. I am very thankful to Richard for the great support and understanding.”

Acapulco, Mexico (February 27 – March 4)


Indian Wells, USA (March 9 – 18)

Miami, USA (March 22 – April 2)


Monte-Carlo (April 16 – 23)

Barcelona, Spain (April 24 – 30)


Madrid, Spain (May 7 – 14)

Rome, Italy (May 14 – 21)

Roland Garros (May 28 – June 11)


Queens, UK (June 19 – 25)

Rafael Nadal has pulled out of the Aegon Championships at Queen’s Club, citing exhaustion after his all-conquering clay-court season.


Wimbledon (July 3 – 16)


Montreal, Canada (August 7 – 13)

Cincinnati, USA (August 13 – 20)

US Open (August 28 – September 10)


Beijing, China (October 2 – 8)

Shanghai, China (October 8 -15)

Basel, Switzerland (October 23 – 29)

Updated: 17 October 2017 – Rafa has withdrawn from Swiss Indoors in Basel to rest his sore knee!

Paris, France (October 30 – November 5)


ATP World Tour Finals, London (November 12 – 19)


98 thoughts on “2017 Schedule


      ‘Respecting’ him, in the sense as if he is one notch above- may be working inside your head Rafa. Be ruthless on court as you have always been. Guess he is playing up the ‘great friendship between us’ as a tactical thing.


      1. Merlyn Darcie

        I so agree that he is using the friend bit as a tactic. You are just as good as Roger if not better. Please start believing in yourself and your abilities. Love you so much Can’t wait to see you in January


  1. Deborah Vantol

    Rafa in 2017 you have been fantastic to watch. Presently you are only losing to Roger because of too many tournaments in a row. When you did not take a break you lost to Theim in Rome. That is why you lost in Shanghai. You need to sit one out or you will burn yourself out. You hold the cards and Sunday’s match to me was exhaustion. Just think of all the times he has been runner up to you. It’s a great respectful rivalry. You know his racket is huge. But he has played half the year. Please study his new approach to that racket and rest. You have let him in your head and beaten a lot harder opponents. You are thinking too much. I love to watch you take it away from him again. Please rest one out and then come back and it’ will be like Roland Garros all over again. Look at the players that have played all year and they are dropping in the ATP rankings. Burned out! Roger has picked the ones he knows he can have a chance. Beijing played so fast it was ridiculous. In a five setter you have him every time. Well you still get him most of the time. Rest and really think like a chess player. Two moves ahead!
    I love you and respect you and I want you to rest. You have all the tools to beat them all! It is yours for the taking. Choose wisely and rest. You have played twice as much as him this year. He was rested and ready. Next time it’s your turn. Okay sorry so much talking here but I am in your corner always.😘❤️👏🏆💪


  2. Judi Bennett

    Praying about his knee!
    Congrats Rafa on such great games & sportsmanship. You’re excellant example to the next generation & maybe Kyrigos. 😉


  3. Robin Neel

    Robin Neel

    Rafael Nadal is the best tennis player on all surfaces today. That’s why he is
    #1. His improvement in the last 6 months is astonishing. Serve, volley and
    ground strokes are in a class by himself. Thank you Rafa, for the entertainment
    you provide us all. Good luck in 2018.


  4. Deborah Costabel

    La Decima!! RF refuses to compete on all surfaces so he knows he’s not the best, he himself admits this by default. There is literally, factually NO CONTEST!! Vamos Rafa!! The true GOAT!!


    1. Brian Lyttle

      Rafa competes on all services, but does not compete in all tournaments his good friend & rival Roger Federer does the same thing. No player plays with the intensity of Nadal, when he warms up he does so like he is in competition. He is the fittest player in tennis and one of the best liked


  5. Lyne flaherty

    Rafa, you are my favorite. If you don’t play , I don’t watch tennis and life is dull! I tried to have my daughter call her next baby girl, Rafaela. We shall see!
    Please keep on playing. You bring excitement to all tournaments. Love you, mon ami!


  6. Bilal

    Congrats to rafa on winning sweet sixteen. I think.. im the biggest fan of him in pakistan. I never saw . Whether its 2 a.m or 5 a.m ori hav to go for work.. i never missed his match.. i love his game style… i hope . His reign will continue to be at the top… Campeón.
    Bilz khan


      1. Nishant

        I am from Chandigarh, India. And I watched all the matches of Rafa. It doesnt matter wheater matches are on late nights or early mornings. And seriously from 2008 to till now I watched 90% of your matches.


  7. Rafa is a class act who always says something complimentary about an opponent even
    when Rafa wins. His only fault, perhaps, is overexertion, as when he jumped high at Wimbledon,
    hitting his head and then proceeding to lose the first two sets and then the match. Recently,
    he played two matches in the same day when he had another choice. A more balanced approach might keep him Number 1 for a long time!


  8. Marylynn

    I always liked Roger and he is a great player no doubt but he doesn’t have the class and dignity that Rafael Nadal has. Roger has made very rude comments about players a few years ago when he wasn’t doing well. He can get away with it because he;s “the great Rogaer Federer”. Just let Rafa or someone else make comments like that and they would get called out on it. When Rafa comments or expresses his opinion it;s always done with dignity and respect. VAMOS RAFA. Love Marylynn.


  9. marion

    IN my opinion Rafa is the no 1 player and sportsman in the tennis world

    I would vote for him 8 days a week

    xo. Rafa. You are #1 with me


  10. Judi Bennett



    1. Tiggy

      Yes Judi, I think the Rafa network has to improve when it comes to these votes. Maybe people don’t take them too seriously. RF wins the WTF almost every year but Rafa has 13 million on twitter compared to Roger’s 7. Where are all these people when it comes to voting?


  11. Tiggy

    I had no idea Rafa had been nominated for ‘best tennis player’ by ESPYs. I did not see the link to the vote via any of the usual Rafa networks. Did you post it RNF? I saw it via twitter 2 days ago and the vote is now over. The link featured a picture of RF only and, of course, he won. In the days where people decide what to read and spread on social media in seconds I think a picture of all 4 nominees should have been featured. Only RF was nominated for ‘best comeback athlete’ which is surprising. Rafa was not nominated for ‘best record breaking performance’. La Decima completely ignored. Griping? I am indeed.


    1. Holly lyons

      I agree with you. Rafa is the best, and so humble. I too did not know he was nominated for an espy. He definitely should have won! He has more class than any other player, and plays his heart out every match. I hope he wins the u.s. open! That would be awesome!


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