Rafael Nadal new face of Heineken’s Amstel beer

In his first beer partnership, Rafael Nadal will represent Amstel ULTRA and Amstel 0.0 over the next three years, as the brands expand into new markets globally.

Our champ will be featured in a variety of global marketing activities including TV spots, digital and out-of-home advertising. The creative is set to focus on how Amstel’s range fits with Rafa’s balanced lifestyle. 

“I am very happy to be teaming up with Amstel ULTRA® over the next few years. This past year has been challenging for all of us and there has never been a more important moment to find balance in our lives. Being a professional tennis player and always travelling around the world, I live an extremely active and busy life. But at the same time, I always make time to enjoy moments with those close to me when I can. I believe that everybody must be able to find the right balance that works for them and the Amstel ULTRA® and Amstel 0.0 range complement this perfectly,” Rafa said.

Source: Heineken


  1. Whew!!!

    How does Rafa lose a set to a 111th-ranked player? He won the match and that’s what counts but I am worried about players who are a lot stronger than Ivashka. Waiting to hear what Rafa has to say. Gotta go shopping.

  2. Another poor start by Rafa, losing his serve at the word go, as his opponent throws everthing at him. Rafa doesn’t look like he wants to be on court right now, but still it’s early days.

  3. If Rafa wanted to drink alcohol, he should have done it long time ago, so let’s stop putting some criticism, he knows what he’s doing and that is his life. For peace sake, let’s not forget that Rafa is from the good family he can’t do wrong thinx, he is almost 35 years, if he wanted alcohol, he should have started drinking long time ago before turning 21st or even before he can take his carrier se r seriously

    • I wholly endorse what Lorna and Marileena have said. Rafa is a good person who is entitled to enjoy a beer or two and promote it. He clearly does not drink to excess. He has set a great example for young tennis players throughout his career, both on and off court. I just wish more professional tennis players behaved like him. I can’t think of a better role model on the Tour.

  4. I think we should cut Rafa some slack and let’s not act like we are disapproving parents. What he drinks privately is his business and I have no problem with him advertising these beers.

    Rafa is a gentleman, not a priest and he loves to enjoy himself with friends, maybe with a beer or two. As the article says, he leads a balanced lifestyle and the balance is reflected in the beer he’s promoting : both alcohol free and low alcohol. Rafa is a great role model and as long as he promotes drinking responsibly, it’s fine by me.

    I only wish that our champ could use his influence to persuad his beloved Real Madrid not to be a part of the planned Super League in football.

  5. Good business decision for Rafa:)

    This is an endorsement that he can continue with even after he retires. Smart boy! Gotta make that money and use the money for good. Or buy a bigger yacht!

    You do what’s best for you Rafa… just keep winning them trophies okay??!!!!

    • You are spot on Mac…. Couldn’t agree with you more…

      This was a great business decision. I am certain upon being approached from Heineken, which has been around for more than a century as a premium beer company, his endorsing a lighter version “Amstel” was a perfect fit. Rafa is a successful athlete and business man. We know he’s a helluva nice guy and leads a responsible and healthy life and I definitely see him and his friends out on the boat on a hot day cracking open a beer … Sounds about right!

      Adding this sponsor to the list that includes Babolat, Kia Motors, Nike, Richard Mille is a perfect fit…

      Congrats on thIs endorsement Rafa…. Nice going!

      Looking forward to seeing you back on center court in Barcelona that is named after YOU!

      VAMOS RAFA!!!

  6. We live by the choices we make if RAFA promoted chocolates etc surely it can also become addictive?

  7. I don’t see Rafa as a beer guy. Champagne and tequila are more his speed.

    I rarely drink but if adults wants to drink that’s their business. Some of these comments are outrageous and thank goodness fire and brimstone will not be falling from the sky.

    Drinking among friends and family in his private life is no one’s business but endorsing a beer does not fit with Rafa’s public image no matter how the company “spins” a “responsible drinking campaign.”

    Rafa was much younger in 2011 when he joined the Bacardi Limited campaign. Since then, he has become a household name and kids do look up to him. Simply put, I feel this beer business just doesn’t fit with the image he has built throughout his career.

    Personally I don’t care what he endorses.

  8. This is not the first time that Rafa is representing a liquor company. Back in 2012-2013 he was brand ambassador for Bacardi. There are photos online of parties in Sitges and Mallorca. His message was to drink responsibly.

    Checked the other two of the big three and Roger has a deal with Moet & Chandon while Novak is with Jacob’s Creek.

    As a non drinker my preference would be that he not go this route but as long as he promotes moderation by adult drinkers it is his right to do so.

  9. Am amazed at this revelation….never invisaged Rafa participating in the advertisements for an alcohol drinks company. Wonder what possessed him to grace them with his handsome face to sell their beer 🍺???

    • Rafa has often mentioned enjoying fine restaurants with family and friends. I am sure that would involve a glass of wine. So I am only mildly surprised that he would endorse a beer. Nole is the one who speaks about only consuming certain healthy foods. Rafa on the other hand says that he eats what he wants to.

      Rafa is sensible and corrrect about the big things such as covid and vaccines. I say if he wants to have a beer and endorse a product lets allow him to live his life.

  10. I am surprised. I know that alcohol can be a problem IF you let it. Various cultures do various. and do not find problems. As an athlete one needs to be able to relax with friends , often with alcohol. So be it.
    I am surprised.

  11. This a serious error ,Alcohol is a very dangerous slave drug ,I am most disappointed in Rafa agreeing to sponsor additive drugs, this is not in keeping with a sporting life or any life worth living, we shouldn’t need a drug crutch to live happily.
    I hope he changes his mind.

  12. I am both sad and disappointed that Rafa has a partnership with an alcohol product, he has been such a role model for young people as how to live their lives inside and outside of sport. We all know the world wide problem of alcohol abuse and Rafa endorsing alcohol is such a mistake.

  13. Ooh yeah my champ is a bzy man like yhoooo, anyway keep on doing the good work Rafa and the good work will bring back blessings and hey, more blessings, vavamos at ur own soil, can’t wait to see u again in court

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