Could you return a serve from Rafael Nadal?

Check out this amazing Kia commercial with Rafael Nadal. Kia has been a longstanding supporter of our champ since 2004.

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  1. Kia from onset had and still have the highest regard for Rafa. He is an ideal ambassador for the Company. That is a partnership which will last to the end. Vamos Rafa..just 🙏you will be ok to play in AO…not a lucky GS for you but you never have let that deter you from entering.

  2. Rafa in an interview with
    7 February 2021
    Dan Imhoff
    [questions were not included]

    “Nobody in the history of the Open Era won twice in every single event. I mean, I don’t find a real reason, he said. “I think I had the big chance in 2014. I got injured during the match on the back. It was a tough one.

    “Then I had another good chance in 2012, another good chance in 2017 with a break up in the fifth. I just didn’t win the match.

    “That’s all, I can’t find another reason. It is true that I missed a couple of Australian Opens for injuries, too.”

    Disrupted lead-ups to majors throughout this period are certainly not new to him.

    “Of course I have experience on all of this,” Nadal said. “[It] is not a drama, is not something that can’t happen. These kind of things can happen. Happened to me in the past.

    “The only thing that I can [do] is keep doing my way, give myself chances to, first of all, compete at the beginning of the tournament, and then give myself chances to try to go over that first round against Djere, and then you win days to try to be better.”

  3. 🤩😍 Thank you for the videos🙏 ❤️ all of them! My favorite is “Nadal’s source of inspiration: family.”

  4. For me …. After growing up with Elvis Presley as my idol as a young girl …. Rafa is definitely the 2nd best idol ever, and I have followed him since he was a young boy. It is such a dream of meeting him one day, but it can only be a dream. Thanks KIA for being so lucky having him on your side. ❤

  5. Wow, Kia has truly captured Rafa’s magic and essence. Rafa transcends tennis. Just exquisite! Love this! Thank you Kia and Rafa. What a great partnership and inspiration!

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