VIDEO: Rafael Nadal features in Nike’s ‘You can’t stop us’ commercial

The “You Can’t Stop Us” advert – featuring 53 Nike athletes – is set to debut on US TV screens during the return of the NBA. Rafael Nadal, LeBron James, Serena Williams and Cristiano Ronaldo are among the big names to feature in the 90-second clip.

You can watch the Nike ad below. You’ll see our champ around the 20-second mark.


    • Could be because:

      they want to be fresh for the FO
      they don’t stand a chance against The Rafa
      they are exhausted
      there won’t be any fans
      of too many restrictions?


    • Rafa’s first match is against Pablo Careño Busta, second round. I’m surprised Pablo is playing. Diego Schwartzman, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Fabio Fognini are also in Rafa’s half. Stan is in Djokovic’s half 🤔

  1. I am eager to see the outcome of David Ferrer’s long-term coaching relationship with Zverev.

    “He’s a player with a lot of room for growth and I thought it seemed like an interesting experience and motivation. I was really excited to work with a foreigner. Discovering another way of working excites me, to grow and find out about a working method other than the Spanish one.”

    David plans to be in Rome for the Masters.

    • Would definitely prefer to see Thiem win. Arrogant Zverev just stated about tomorrow’s final that “the two best players in the world are going to be playing on court”.

      • He also said “on paper” he was the favorite against CB. Someone please gift him a shredder.

        I sure hope that sweet David can show him the way.

        Medvedev was just as uncouth. He received a code penalty because he refused to acknowledge the umpire’s decision not to accept his late challenge. He actually went around the net to look at the spot. Thiem did ask the umpire to allow Med’s late call to no avail. Med was overheard making an insulting remark.

        Pre-match Medvedev may have thought he had the match. He extolled Thiem’s clay ability but said it was easier to play him on hard court.

        Zverev and Medvedev should apply to Rafa’s School of Good Manners.

        RAFA ROCKS

  2. I was scrolling through Twitter looking for things of note about Rafa when I came across what I thought was a fictitious tweet about Stefan Edberg. I copied the following from Wikipedia. The tweet didn’t explain anything about the circumstances surrounding the incident. I was intrigued because Rafa has received the Edberg Award for Sportsmanship.

    “Richard Wertheim (c. 1923 – September 15, 1983) was an American tennis linesman who suffered a fatal injury on September 10, 1983, during a match at the 1983 US Open.[1] He was injured when Stefan Edberg sent an errant serve directly into his groin.[2] Wertheim was sitting in a chair and officiating at the center line. The blow knocked him backwards and he fell out of the chair onto the hardcourt surface, striking his head.[3] He had a history of chronic cardiovascular disease having had a heart attack and stroke at age 40 years.[4]

    Wertheim was unconscious when he was taken to Flushing Hospital and Medical Center. He died on September 15.[5] His family sued the United States Tennis Association for $2.25 million.[6] In an opinion suggesting that the impact of the tennis ball had not been the proximate cause of his death, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York reversed a $165,000 jury award to his estate.[4]

    Following this event, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) doesn’t have linesmen sitting during play anymore.”

    Very sad and shocking. Was the chair actually sitting on the court at the center?

    • At the time Edberg was a little more than a kid, playing a under 18 tournament. The circumstance was completely accidental, and both players were shocked and struggled to carrying on the match. Along the years besides being one of the greatest champions of the sport, Edberg distinguished him self for is irreprehensible conduct and that is why there’s a sportsmanship award named after him. It is very sad that the worst accident ever happened in a tennis court happened to him.

      • I hope my comment was not interpreted as a comparison to Stefan Edberg’s accident with Djokovic’s flagrant disregard for on-court safety.

        I thought the tweet was fictitious but after consulting many sources decided to share the information here. It’s that simple.

        As you can see from fans who commented on this year’s USOPEN catastrophe, only one fan supported Djokovic; it wasn’t me.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Back to Covid-19- according to CNN the government of France is concerned about bad numbers, including hospitalizations. Prime Minister J Castex is quoted as saying that there will be no new national lockdown and local authorities are to propose new measures in a few days. Apparently Paris is NOT among the areas hardest hit. Perhaps this means it will still be safe for fans to attend Roland Garros. Stay tuned.

  3. Rafa traveled to Rome on Wednesday, and video shows he practiced with Stan Wawrinka already.💪
    All the best Rafa, looking forward to watch you play so much!🤩😍

  4. Uuugggghhhh… my two picks to win the USOPEN are going head to head tomorrow in the semifinals: Thiem vs Medvedev.

    Medvedev might have a problem with his right shoulder indicated by a medical time out he had yesterday during his match against Rublev.

    Wishing Thiem the win.

    • Margo,

      It’s too close to call, very close. You know, as at last week I had predicted here that following Djokovic’s unexpected exit, Dominic Thiem would win the USO 2020.

      However, Daniil Medvedev ”The Professor” has all of a sudden found his groove all over again, he is now in the same devastating form that saw him almost edging out Nadal last year. His brazen destruction of Rublev in straights sets confirms this tournament is his to lose and so far he’s yet to drop a set! Thiem dropped a set against Marin Cilic, former US Open champion.

      Honestly, I don’t know whether I should still stick to my earlier forecast on Thiem winning the US Open.

      It’s too tight, Margo, too tight……..however as an African proverb puts it, ”when a pole touches both the skies and the ground, there is always somewhere to put such pole”

      Because the motivation to win is more on Daniil’s side, my brain goes for Daniiil Medvededv while my heart says Dominic Thiem.

      But as always, we go point by point, game by game, match by match and day by day…….cheers

  5. I am worried about Paris weather during french open this year.. Temp goes down drastically in sep end..Avg temp is in 65 .. Not good for Rafa.. They should have done FO first and USO later.

    • Thanga, I understand your concern about the Parisian weather at this time of year and its affect on Rafa’s game. However, there is no way the US Open would be moved later to accommodate RG. The USTA would not allow it, considering they are already annoyed at the French Federation’s unilateral decision to reschedule RG.
      As well as that, Rafa has the added problem of not having any matches under his belt since January. Despite this, being the incredible champion he is, I’m sure Rafa will dig deep and do everything in his power to overcome these problems.

  6. Here’s some comic relief from Twitter.

    @federevs Sept. 7
    n*vak fans searching “federer hits someone with ball” immediately after the match was over


  7. During Rafa’s interview with Sunreef News Magazine, he was asked about the name of his catamaran.

    SNM: How did you name your yacht and why?

    Rafa: I named her Great White but I won’t tell you why. That’s a private information that I will keep to myself.


    • Some people have suggested that it has to do with his favorite football club Real Madrid. There are photos of them using that logo. Why he feels the need to keep that secret is quite enigmatic. Of course he is entitled to do so.

      • Did you read that Pospisil would like to have a conversation with Rafa about the PTPA? He feels he may be able to convince Rafa to back the new group because he has always been supportive of the players. I guess to him it makes sense.

        Further, Rublev said he hadn’t even heard of the PTPA. He wants to know everything before he signs anything. He wishes to talk to players who signed on and those who are against it.

        This is all very strange from my perspective.

      • 🚤 Could be Real Madrid, why not Gran Blanco . This info about the Pullman Hôtel in Paris , I do not think any of them used that hôtel before . Maybe this year it is more strict, they are told where to stay. We have been having sun 🌞 In Paris lâtely, let s hope it lasts t’il end Sept. Fiona in Paris

  8. If Rafa wins Rome he will be the only player to have won at least 10 titles in 4 different tournaments:

    FO 12
    Monte Carlo 11
    Barcelona 11
    Rome 9

  9. He did it, on his own. No one is with Zverev. He went to Europe and was alone for about 2 months and said he enjoyed it. Learned to cook and food shop for himself. Never had to do that in his life and the experience made him appreciate things more.

    He said after the Open he will meet up again with David Ferrer who is working with him.

  10. I must say that with the absence of Rafa, Roger, Stan, Nick and now Novak from the US Open, the tournament on the men’s side is somewhat flat.

    Mark Petchy has just described the QF between Coric and Zverev as a horror story and that maybe it’s just as well there isn’t a crowd because tennis is also about entertainment. He went on to say that you wouldn’t get “The Big 4” playing so terribly.
    Although I agree, we need to remember that for whoever wins the tournament, it will be his maiden grand slam title, so there will be nerves and anxiety jangling around. Still, this match is very boring because both men are playing in the hope that the other misses.

    I can’t wait to see the passion and fire from Rafa as usual, so roll on Rome and RG.


    VAMOS SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) WE LOVE YOU AND SENDING LOTS OF LOVE AND FUN YOUR WAY. HAVE A GREAT TIME IN ROME AND ENJOY EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) WE TRUST YOUR PRECIOUS EFFORTS AND GORGEOUS FITNESS AND WILL BE SINGING GO RAFA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) ENJOY A BEAUTIFUL WEEK AND THE DIFFERENT ATMOSPHERE AT THE TOURNAMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS SWEETHEART AND LOTS OF LOVE AND HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

    • Sadly, for him, he seems constantly to fall short. AND to continue the same antisocial behaviors that put others at risk are not mistakes.

      Becker said he was afraid something like this would happen

      Boris Becker, who was with his team at the time of FO 2016, admitted that he had spoken with him at that time about throwing his racket. He barely missed hitting a line judge only because the line judge moved.

      He was questioned by a journalist about his tendency to throw things and whether or not it was dangerous, that someone could be hurt. Djokovic arrogantly told the journalist why was he not being suspended because he’s done it plenty of times before. Said he wasn’t the only one doing it. He LAUGHED and made a joke of the question.
      [Sources: @BenRothenberg, @Stu_fraser, @Makaveli2B]

      Marca’s Spanish language periodical said ND may need more time to recuperate after being disqualified from the USOPEN.

  12. Rafa will travel to Rome tomorrow, according to Marca.

    Eurosport has described the tournament’s “bubble”. Players will stay in one of two hotels (one for men, one for women), with the option of renting their own apartment. They won’t be allowed to go anywhere other than their accommodation and the tournament. The size of the team is limited to two people.

    Although the circumstances are not going to be easy, I think Rafa has to resume play now in order to have a chance at RG, as nearly everyone else has already been competing. I’m glad he has at last had the chance to practice with a couple of tour players, Pablo Anduhar a few days ago, and now Grigor Dimitrov. I hope the restrictions and worries don’t affect him too much.

  13. Wow, so Novak Djokovic is the sacrificial lamb for a new GS Champion to emerge. If we go by Greek fables, the lot should fall on PCB being the one the gods used to.bring about the sacrifice.

    However, I don’t see Pablo going all the way.

    Our new champion will unequivocally be Dominic Thiem. Congrats ahead is in order.. Accept my congratulations, USO 2020 Champion.

    But as always, we go game by game, match by match and day by day……..cheers

    • An organization called “Lancaster on line” has a brief summary of the bubble rules at Roland Garris. The number of fans will be limited to 5000 at each of the two main courts. Masks required.

      Players will be limited to two hotels. No indication of a limit on the size of teams. Players will be tested on arrival and then 72 hours. After that tests will be every five days.

      New cases in France are running 8000 a day. I have not seen numbers for Paris.

      To me it seems inevitable that there will be positive cases among players and coaches.

      I’m sure Rafa will obey all the rules and keep safe. Still he can’t be happy with the outlook.

      • Just to add to that: tournament director Guy Forget announced today that 1,500 fans will be allowed on court Simonne-Mathieu in addition to the 5,000 at each of Philippe-Chatrier and Suzanne-Lenglen for a total of 11,500 per day.

        The top 60 players will stay at The Pullman Hotel near the Tour Eiffel. Unlike in N.Y. they will be in the heart of the City but no mention was made whether they would be allowed out other than to travel to the site.

  14. Here is the statement from the USTA

    “In accordance with the Grand Slam rulebook, following his actions of intentionally hitting a ball dangerously or recklessly within the court or hitting a ball with negligent disregard of the consequences, the US Open tournament referee defaulted Novak Djokovic from the 2020 US Open. Because he was defaulted, Djokovic will lose all ranking points earned at the US Open and will be fined the prize money won at the tournament in addition to any or all fines levied with respect to the offending incident.”

    Can you imagine if there were fans in the stands? You would have heard boo’s cross country to California!

    Let’s hope the lineman is ok.. she was really shaken up …

  15. Novak has left the complex without doing a press conference, so he’ll take the fine. I hope he’ll reflect and speak to the press soon.

    • He doesn’t know how to be a good example. Instead of expressing remorse for what he did he’s probably just embarrassed and doesn’t want to give journalists the opportunity to question his many missteps this season.

    • He apparently will not make any statement tonight. As bad as what Shapovalov did he accepted the default immediately and then faced the press right after and apologized profusely.

      On social media Djoko’s fans are saying the lineswoman was faking. When N.D. was pleading his case for all those minutes he said her injury wasn’t serious as she wasn’t taken to hospital and he should not be penalized. My already low opinion of him has sunk even more and his fans are equally obnoxious.

      • Petulant, arrogant, pretentious, self-serving….Those are just a few adjectives I use to describe Novak. His comment about the line judge not needing to go to hospital and his reference to his grand slam career being affected if disqualified, just shows how egotistical he is.
        No one is bigger than the game itself.

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