Ferrero Cheers Rafa’s Comeback Journey Ahead

Photo: Ella Ling

Former tennis player Juan Carlos Ferrero, currently coaching Carlos Alcaraz, expresses confidence in Rafael Nadal and doesn’t dismiss the possibility of our champ excelling at the highest level upon his anticipated return next year.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see him at the highest level again,” Ferrero said.

“He will surely return wanting to compete because he has a competitive animal inside him. I see it as logical that he does not see himself competing with Djokovic or against the best right now because he has been out of competition for a long time and it is always difficult to get started again.

“But once he is on the court, his mentality of competing to his maximum will not change. Those who are very, very good always come up with something different from the others and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him at the highest level again.”

Regarding the potential Rafa-Carlos encounter at Roland-Garros next year, Ferrero added: “I would like it, I wouldn’t like him [Rafa] to get there and not win matches. Rafa deserves a chance to play well again for everything he has been. It would be exciting to see it.”

Source: Eurosport


  1. I wouldn’t be that confident. Nadal will be 38 years old at French Open. During this year we saw a huge rise of the potential next big three: Sinner, Rune and Alcaraz which he only seldomly played when they were not among top 10. Of course there is also Djokovic as the biggest threat. Nadal might reach some quarterfinals but for more than that, almost miracle needs to happen. Either way, good luck to him.

      • How are you?
        Have you voted for Rafa, him being your favorite and all🙃
        ATP homepage 💪

        I saw his name on the list 2 days ago. Initially, I thought he would be out of the running since he wasn’t top 100. I didn’t realize the protected ranking status keeps them on the list. They even have the guy that paints his scalp.

        Anyway, hope u’ve voted X


      • Oh, Zain. You do mke me giggle. Thats true, not sarcastic.

        I’m good, yourself?

        Em, probably controversial but Rafa has played for quite a bit of minutes in 2023. Not several dozen hours so it seems pretty weird that he’d be in the shortlist. Is it sponsered by Subway?

        Just for you, Zain. I will vote for Rafa.

        The guy that paints his scalp. HaaaHaaaaa. Nice one.

        I’m telling you, Rafa needs that head hair shaved off, said it before… He could raise millions for charity were he to go artificially bald before actually bald. I don’t think he takes after Uncle Toni who has a fine head of hair on him. Could be a wig though, why can say?

  2. Is it just me or has Juan Carlos Ferrero not aged a day in over 20 years? He’d get it, to be honest. Pretty hot. Would be so great if he went to the Ambassador’s party. Delitsios, Ecxullente, Misyur, Wees zees Rocher you are really spoiling us.

  3. As a huge fan of Rafa Nadal & most all of the past & current Spanish players, I hope Nadal can perform at the highest level again & give Novak concerns that the youngsters can’t seem to do in the big matches, on a consistent basis. Hurry back Rafa, good luck; and VIVA RAFA NADAL!

  4. No athlete I know possesses the tenacity like Rafa and those comments from Ferrero about Rafa are certainly very encouraging, however Rafa may do well to skip the AO and work himself up to fitness by taking in a minor tournament before venturing into a grand slam comeback.

    • I’m all over the place with this decision, as if it was mine to make🙃.
      I was so adamant that Rafa shouldn’t travel to AO 22. I’m not even sure he should travel again next year.

      The issue is he should get GS matches under his belt again before the big one in Paris, 5 set matches. I think he’ll travel , if he doesn’t I wouldn’t be mad.

      Will small tournaments be adequate prep for him. He’s been out for 11 months. Last time it was just 6 months. His longest layoff of 7 months was when he was 25 years.

      Tennis is in ICU. These players are a joke. It’s not even funny, the whole lot!

      Circus 🎪

  5. Well said and truly hope that Rafa can come back competitive again. He has been so missed. Vamos our wonderful Champ 💕

  6. Juan Carlos I truly hope that you sincerely mean your comments for your fellow countryman. At times through the latter years there have been envious snipes at Rafa. Thank you Juan Carlos and every Rafan will be hanging on your words

  7. It is so like Rafa to down play his chances. I think Ferrero is right that Rafa’s competitive fire will kick in. He was ready to go in January 2022 after six months off; it could take a bit longer this time after a year away from competition.

    If Rafa is not ready to go for the AO he might consider the Dallas tournament the second week of February. It is an indoor tournament that was recently upgraded to a 500 level event. BTW does anyone know if Acapulco will be held in 2024 after all the damage from the hurricane?

    • In case everyone has forgotten, Rafa won the majority of his titles when tennis was 3 out of 5 wins, djokovic has not except for Grand Slams-always 3 out of 5 wins.

      • Do you mean best of five sets on the tour, but not Grand Slams?

        Masters, (apart from the women), Did play best of five sets in the final. Every match in the tournament except the final was best of three. I think the ATP shouldn’t have done away with that.the five set finals.

        not googling this but I’m pretty sure the above is correct. probably 2008 when a lot of things changed, Madrid went clay, hamburg went grass (I think), Paris indoors replaced Madrid indoors,

        There’s a ton of changes they made in 2008, mostly the point system, 250, 500, 1000 masters, 2000 points for a grand slam

        I’ve probably got the timing wrong when all the tournaments changed. who can say. Maybe someone on this forum, please be kind. I’m so delicate and innocent.

      • It was only some of the Masters finals of the ATP tournaments that had 3/5 finals. That ended in 2006, mostly because the finalists were usually too tired to play the next Masters’. Pity in a way since there were some really good finals, especially Rome 2005 and 2006. So most of Rafa’s Masters wins were best of 3.

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