Rafael Nadal: Instagram’s Tennis King with 20 Million Followers


Eight years ago, Rafael Nadal embarked on his Instagram journey, bringing joy to Rafans with his inaugural post on May 22nd, 2015.

Remarkably, he amassed his first million followers in a mere seven months, and today, this figure has surged to a staggering 20 million. Across this span, he and his dedicated team have shared a total of 1345 captivating Instagram posts.

If you’re not already following Rafa, you can find him under the handle @rafaelnadal.

Congratulations, Rafa! Keep those updates coming, as we’re eager to stay informed about the world’s most followed tennis player and what’s happening in your world!


  1. In a couple of months, I am hoping to see the name Rafael Nadal amongst the other tennis players as part of the official 2024 Australian Open Draw

  2. Rafa is an Instagram king as well as a tennis king. I’m very optimistic about his return and counting down the days until he’s back on court.

  3. I’m a massive Nadal fan, but there’s uncertainty how competitive Nadal will be when he returns to tennis. He’ll reach the age of 38 in 2024, and he has struggled with injuries in recent years.

  4. Hello everybody Rafa fans, I’m new here. As everybody says, can’t wait to see him back on court next year. I’ve been following him obsessively since 2008 and I miss him so much…hope 2024 will be a great year for him and he’ll decide to keep playing some more!

  5. Missing Rafa so much. How I wish he gets a new rejuvenated body so he can play for multiple years more! Vamos Rafa

  6. Dear Rafa.
    Many Congratulations on your wonderful following on Instagram. You deserve every single one and thousands more. Thank you for all the wonderful posts on your progress when under the weather, or your intended plans for future. We are with you in spirit no matter where you are. So looking forward to have you back where you belong in the sport God created you for. Vamos my Champion for Ever. 🇪🇦🇪🇦☘☘

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