Rafael Nadal congratulates Spain on winning FIFA World Cup

Photo by Chicco Nacion | @cbcsports

History has been made.

In the 2023 World Cup final, Spain defeated England 1-0 to win the first World Cup in their history on Sunday.

A 22-time Grand Slam champion and congratulator extraordinaire, Rafael Nadal praised the Spanish team. He posted on Instagram story:

“Vamooooooos! Congratulations! Champions of the world!”

Olga Carmona’s fine first-half goal, drilled beyond Mary Earps into the far corner from a tight angle after 29 minutes, proved decisive in Sydney. Spain had the chance to double their lead in the second half when Keira Walsh was penalised for a handball, but Earps saved Jennifer Hermoso’s spot kick.

The win gave the Spanish women their first major international trophy and avenged a quarterfinal loss to eventual champion England in the European championship last year.

Well done, La Roja! Enjoy your victory!


  1. In the words of Feliciano Lopez who is commentating at the USO, Rafa is looking good feeling good in training and he’s making great progress. Wonderful to hear!

    • Yeah. It’s great to hear of Rafa getting back to hitting.

      I always loved it when commentators and pundits would say, Rafa hits the ball 20% harder and faster on the practice courts.

      If he’s hitting as hard as he would in a competitive game, not a plus twenty percent practice. Then, seems like he’s going in the right direction, quickly.

      All the above is highly speculative but how can Rafa not be hitting balls with controlled aggression. I think he would get bored, just plonking the ball over the net at 50mph. 80kmph in new money.

      Regardless, 50mph or 90mph, (I’m hoping beyond hope it’s the latter), Rafa and his team know what they’re doing.

    • Hi David… Video is online…Rafa’s on the treadmill and Uncle Toni is right there watching closely…
      Tomorrow is day one of the US Open and I will be there for the next 8-10 days… I have to say without Rafa my enthusiasm has gone down significantly…It’s going to be very strange for me tomorrow. 😔 There’s a chance Roger will be at the opening ceremony and hopefully that is true…

      Wishing Rafa a successful rehab in building strength and confidence for his future re-entry onto the court… I cannot wait for that day to come!

      VAMOS RAFA!!

  2. Rafa, otras guerreras como tú, no entiendo mucho de fútbol, pero desde ahora las seguiré como a ti, de tenis entiendo algo mas

  3. Love soccer – to us in Oz and football to all of Europe.

    Got up at 3am AEST back in 2010 when Spain won the World Cup with the Iniesta goal during extra time plus the save by was it Casillas – the potential goal by the Dutch player Robben earlier.

    And now the goal by Olga, the Captain early in the match, I was screaming like you cannot imagine.

    I feel so sorry for Olga though with the sad news of her father’s passing.

    I find a parallel in the manner of play by both men’s & women’s Spanish teams. I believe it is the combination of Spanish passion, the will and the desire that saw them through to the successful outcome!

  4. I am not a Soccer fan men or women, but bcos our little island had a team involved, I chose to watch..just when they played. When Spain made Final and Great Britain too, as I follow Spain for tennis idol Rafa I was supporting them. If G.B.had won they’d be bragging about it until next World Cup just as mens’ did and do
    So Vamos team Spain every time.🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦

    • The opposition team against Spain was England. Not Great Britain.

      Most of GB, nowadays is terrible at football apart from England, unfortunately. England won the World Cup (the proper one, the men’s one) in 1966 and they still bloody go on about it.

      However, in 1966 – 1967 at the British Home Championship event, Scotland went on to win the title and beat England 3-2 in the very same Webley Stadium that England had won the World Cup in, a year earlier. Haha. Screw you England.

  5. Football is boring as hell. Especially women’s football. I like Rafa’s passion for it though. Each to their own. I’m never going to say to anyone… football is rubbish, don’t watch it!!!! If you wanna watch it, fine.

    I do like it that Spain won though. Being Scottish, I want any country to beat England at any sport.

  6. The better team won today. Good to see Rafa happy for La Roja. Fans in England should be proud of their team.

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