Rafael Nadal: I’m sorry to announce that I won’t be able to be in Rome

(Photo by Adam Warner/AFP/Getty Images)

(AP) — Rafael Nadal won’t be able to play the Italian Open either as he remains hampered by a nagging hip injury.

“I’m sorry to announce that I won’t be able to be in Rome,” Nadal said in a Twitter post in Spanish on Friday. “You all know how much it hurts me to miss another one of the tournaments that has a place in my career as a professional and a person as well as for the support my Italian fans show me.”

Nadal has won the Italian Open a record 10 times.

The 22-time Grand Slam winner has been sidelined since January by a left hip flexor injury he picked up at the Australian Open. The issue had already kept him from playing at Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Madrid.

Nadal said even though he feels better he is not ready to play.

“Despite noting an improvement in recent days, it has been several months since I have been able to train at a high level,” he wrote. “The re-adaptation process needs its time, and I don’t have any choice other than to accept that.”

The 36-year-old Nadal did not mention his prospects for being fit for the French Open starting on May 28.


  1. I just watched a very recent video of Rafa at practice. He was moving well and really getting after it. At this point I think it’s more likely than not that Rafa plays RG.

  2. Have you seen the video today of nadal interrupting training season any news on that ?

  3. This is quite interesting. I was just just playing around with AI (Artificial Intelligence) ChatGPT 4.
    I asked the AI when will the next injury occur for Nadal? It came back stating bunch of stats on Nadal injuries and concluded that his next injury may happen at any event.

    • That is interesting young voter. Your friend AI doesn’t say Rafa will be injured in practice but at an “event.” But which event? French Open, Wimbledon, US Open? Be specific.

      Obviously any tennis player could be injured at an event at any time. Your post adds nothing to the discussion.

  4. Guys,

    Imagine you haven’t run for almost a year. Then you go to a professional 100m dash race. Or just imagine you just run around the neighbourhood. This is what Nadal is facing.

      • Young Voters name should be Negative Nelly! I tune into tennis now & then & really like Casper Matteo Carlos Sinner & Holger… they really are great players and I love their good sportsmanship… more Rafa like then Zverev Shapo & Tsitsipas! Also Its good to see Thiem back & doing well. Seems as though Carlos will be the next super star… he really is phenomenal but for me just doesn’t have the excitement about him like our Rafa! There will never be another Rafa…I miss him so much! ❤️❤️

  5. If Rafa is fit enough to play, I feel there’s still a chance at RG if he either plays a 250 level event for match practice and then gets a good draw at RG. Or maybe just get a good draw and build himself up. The way he won AO2022. I’m still hopeful of a Rafa comeback.. Vamos!

      • Who comes to comment on an athletes’ fan page if they hate them? You are an insane person.

      • People like Johnny thrive ONLY on hate napalmfist. Nothing gives them more pleasure than insulting and offending others. How sad and pathetic is that! Utterly soulless too.

  6. He will withdraw from FO. He can not announce now itself due to sponsorship and other things. He will make a come back during NA swing.

    • I feel certain that officials at Roland Garris would not want Rafa to withdraw at this point or ever. True that Rafa does not want to hurt the tournament. But I also feel certain that Rafa will wait until the last few days to decide and that he will opt to play if possible.

  7. Honestly , I am surprised that Rafa is unable to play Rome as its likely means he won’t play Roland Garros even if he is feeling up to it for lack of match play . However , last year he won the Australian Open under similar circumstances having played very few matches before AO .

  8. God bless Rafa. He should return only when he is ready. He is in his situation because he has delivered to us his fans 22 grand slam titles with his injury prone body.

    Rafa could return next year and I will be happy. He could make like Roger and announce that it’s not working out-I’m also prepared for that as sad as it would be. Tennis is not the same without Rafa… But life finds a way to move on somehow:)

    Just enjoy your life champ, you’ve deserved it. Don’t be sorry.

  9. He will not be playing Challengers. He will get a wild card into any event he chooses. Or, if he’s out for another 6 weeks or so – which hopefully won’t happen – he’ll be able to apply for a protected ranking entry into main draws.

  10. Rafa shouldn’t feel sorry for his fans. He’s no 1 in our hearts.
    He WILL be ready for RG, cause that’s his turf. Go for no 15 and 23rd slam.
    All the best Rafa. Speedy recovery.
    Then show them why your the GOAT of tennis.

    VAMOS Rafa. No 1 in our hearts.

    • Hé should be sorry we are paying his salaris we wanna see him play tennis is boring due his absence. I dont care about his personal life i wanna see him play and like o said hé will play challengers if hé withdraw from rg hé will lose 2000 points.

  11. OMG
    I am getting scared as a Rafa Fan. Preparing my Mind for Rafa not playing RG but I am not giving up as e didn’t. Prayers for your recovery and RG

  12. I agree with a lot of people..Rafa should not compete unless he is feeling confident. I think Alcatraz is awesome, but he will never take Rafa’s place in my mind. There really aren’t many people who would be able to take Rafa’s place in my mind. I have been a huge tennis fan for many many years, but I don’t think I will ever enjoy watching anyone like I have enjoyed watching Rafa
    He is the very best ever!!!

    • Exactly, Holly. And I do think he’ll be ready for Roland Garros, which is some three weeks away. The only question mark there is if he would be competitive enough to contend for the championship. If Rafa does compete in the French Open, it would be precedent-setting for a star of his stature to dive right away into a Grand Slam event with no tournament preparation at all after nearly four months of inactivity.

      That being said, we’re praying for you, Rafa, and we’ll always be behind you whatever you do. Vamos!

  13. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to play Madrid, but the reports were suggesting that he’d be OK for Rome. It’s worrying that the injury’s taking so long to heal, but I’m sure he’s getting the best medical attention.

  14. If Rafa is not ready he’s not ready and it’s better he doesn’t play till he’s absolutely ready to do so.

    Even though we all miss Rafa greatly it’s better this way.


    • Agree. Health is more important. Has
      a wife and son now. Tennis is his life but if your body isn’t ready don’t force it. You are still the goat.

  15. We miss you Rafa!
    However your health is more important. Your family is happy to have you home, and baby Rafa needs his papa home for awhile too!
    Take all the time you need to get well and heal.
    Those tennis courts aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.
    We can watch the young ones play, get bent all outta shape… and we’ll giggle at their foolish shananagins. LOL
    Sending love and light to you and the family.
    Keep Smiling Cutie 🙂

    • What a unbelievable stupid comment if hé diesnt play rg his career is over hé will be out of the top 100 and hé will soon be playing challengers like murray which will be a humiliation for him no way hé will not recover from this hé might well announce his retirement stop writing these comments be concerned about his career. Hé must play rg hé needs to play dont write about his wife and son. I dont care about his private life i see him only as tennis player i dont have personal connecties with him

      • He won’t be playing Challengers unless he wants to. There’s no event in the world which wouldn’t give him a wild card.

      • You say Alcaraz has taken his place..so watch Alcaraz then..although according to you tennis is boring without Rafa. Your replies are idiotic.. We don’t pay his salary..he’s got more than enough..thankfully he doesn’t have someone like you running his schedule. We would have only been able to watch him for a couple of years instead of the 18 odd years he’s given us.

  16. I don’t understand why people say things like it’s good he is not playing so he can make a true come back. That’s just not going to happen, he hasn’t been healthy in years and at some point, after dropping way outside the top 100, coming back is an absurdity. Most importantly, I see photos and videos of him training with intensity. If he isn’t healed why on earth is he doing that, does he not realise that the training keeps him from healing? He should have either actually rested it till fully healed or come back and play but to continue to strain it in training AND not play and defend points/retain match play confidence is the absolute worst of both worlds.

  17. I agree with Lorna, I think it’s unlikely he will be able to play at Roland Garros. But I think he is wise to take the necessary time to recover from the hip flexor injury and come back when he is feeling he can truly be competitive.

  18. Sad news, but to be honest, I’m not surprised. The left hip flexor has not fully recovered and that’s affecting his movement. Speed around the court is vital if Rafa is to compete at a high level. With this in mind, I don’t see him being fit for RG or Wimbledon where the court is faster and the ball bounces relatively low.

    Rafa’s has no option but to let the healing process take its course then perhaps he could play himself back into form by entering a couple of lower 250/500 tournaments before the US swing. Hope to see you back on court whenever the time is right, champ!

    • He can’t let the healing process take its course when he is hitting rockets everyday in training, playing with the stiffest, heaviest racquet on tour.

    • I don’t think Rafa cares too much about his ranking at this point. He holds himself to high standards and would rather skip RG than to enter it half backed.

    • He will play when he is able to
      It’s obvious this is a process and it must take it’s course, sad and unfortunate. I can’t wait to see him on a court again, whenever that will be.
      Miss Rafa and ❤️‍🩹

      • Que sera, sera….

        Let’s all be calm, okay?

        Good suggestion: let’s offer Rafa Love & Light!

      • Julietta , exactly. Let him heal first. The results will come later.
        Wishing him a speedy recovery and happiness no matter what happens.

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