Rafa Roundup: ‘Roland Garros without Nadal would be like the Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger’

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“May 1st was an off day for Rafa. See you on Tuesday in Manacor,” Moya told L’Equipe. “Our rhythm? We do more or less an hour and a half a day and we continue to move forward day by day. It’s not even about being optimistic or negative, just observing the state of your progress on a daily basis.

“Of course these are difficult times because we missed tournaments that we love, but Rafa is a warrior, with an indestructible mind and when the time comes to come back, we will be very motivated.”

“I think it’s always been a bit of an urban legend that Rafa needs a lot of matches or a lot of tournaments to go far,” Moya said. “In the time he has been stopped, he has always come back and from the beginning he has been able to make great results.”

  • Imagining a French Open without Rafael Nadal | tennis.com

Nadal has played in 18 consecutive editions of Roland Garros. But in the latest episode of the Spanish star’s serial, late-career injury struggles, a damaged hip that just won’t heal right may prevent him from adding to his startling 112-3 French Open match record. There are players on the ATP and WTA tours who weren’t even born when Nadal first played—and won—in Paris.

Roland Garros without Nadal would be like the Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger. Like a burger without ketchup, or San Francisco without the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a difficult thing to wrap your mind around. 

“If Rafa did enter the tournament this year I would probably write off his chances for the obvious reasons,” Arias said. “And Rafa would probably win it again.”

  • Rafael Nadal is favorite at French Open despite ‘open’ draw: Laura Robson | sportskeeda.com

“The numbers that he’s had at Paris, it’s like hard to wrap your head around, but I just think he needs matches,” Laura Robson told Eurosport.

“The draw is wide open, but for me, it’s hard to root against Rafa on clay. It’s like a magical thing to watch him on clay when he’s 100% fit and just able to come up with something special,” Robson continued.

“If his forehand game is strong from the start in Barcelona, then maybe a 15th title is on the way.”

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When asked for his sporting heroes, Carlsen stops to think. And we start thinking too. Is he going to say Michael Jordan for his domination? Muhammed Ali for his charisma? Serena Williams for her incredible consistency?

“It’s a really good question,” Carlsen says. “Generally, I admire what people do rather than the people themselves. But I think Rafa Nadal in tennis has a style that inspired me a little bit. Being extremely tenacious and hard to break down. So maybe him.”

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  1. Everyone calm down…. not unusual for teachers, doctors, and so forth to take a sabbatical. Serena Williams isn’t officially retired – she’s on a sabbatical. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rafa took the rest of the year, cared for his body, changed up his game, and returned in 2024 to be a major contender. So, I support his desire, if it is his desire, for a sabbatical — come back fresh and revived !

  2. Very sorry guys but nadal is done. Hé is not going to play rg and will end like murray

    • I thought Rome was pushing it given that he had just changed his rehab routine only a couple of weeks ago.

      Give Rafa credit for trying to be ready for Rome and also recognizing reality.

      Paris is still possible and if not I have high hopes for Wimbledon.

  3. I’m hoping that Rafa is fit to play in Rome next week. A few match wins would give him the votal confidence he needs leading into RG.

  4. For Rafas’ sake why write him off…ye should be doing complete opposite. All the negative vibes, comments , chats, etc..are not helping our Hero. Just cop on and back Rafa.

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