Rafael Nadal withdraws from Madrid: “The injury still hasn’t healed”

(Photo by Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

Rafael Nadal will miss the Madrid Open next week because his recovery from a hip injury is going much slower than expected.

The 22-time Grand Slam winner has been sidelined since January by a left hip flexor injury he picked up at the Australian Open. The issue has kept him from the Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo and Barcelona tournaments so far.

The Madrid Open he’s won five times starts on Monday.

Rafa said: said: “Initially it had to be a six-to eight-week recovery period and we are now on 14. The reality is that the situation is not what we would have expected.

“All medical indications have been followed, but somehow the evolution has not been what they initially told us and we find ourselves in a difficult situation.

“The weeks are passing and I had the illusion of being able to play in tournaments that are the most important in my career such as Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Roland Garros, and for the moment I have missed Monte Carlo and Barcelona. I will not be able to be in Madrid, unfortunately.

“The injury still hasn’t healed and I can’t work out what I need to do to compete. I was training but now a few days ago we decided to change course a bit, do another treatment and see if things improve to try to get to what comes next.

“I can’t give deadlines because if I knew I would tell you, but I don’t know. This is how things are now.

“I have no choice but to try to have the right attitude throughout this time, try to give myself the opportunity to compete in one of the tournaments that remains of the clay season and I have no choice but to work and be with the right mentality.”

Rafa did not mention his prospects for being fit for the French Open starting on May 28.

Source: Associated Press 


  1. This appears to be the end for Rafa. I think it would be naïve to think he is playing the French this year. He will then drop outside the top 100 in ranking and any hope of a comeback will be incredibly difficult, especially considering he has never really been able to sustain a long stretch of good health even in his younger years.

    • It must be so frustrating for Rafa that this latest injury is taking so long to heal. We all know he will be doing everything possible to recover in time for the French, the most important Tournament of the year for him. If he doesn’t recover in time to play Rome I don’t think he will play the French. He would need to be at his very best to win and if he does not believe he can do that he will not enter. I don’t think he will play any tournament ‘just for the sake of it’. All Rafafans will be very disappointed if he can’t recover in time to play well at the French but it would be counter-productive to play if he is still injured. He knows that and so do we. Such a great shame. Best wishes to Rafa for a full recovery.

  2. Sending my best wishes to you as you continue to recover from your injury, Rafa.❤️ Get well soon.❤️‍🩹 You are always a superstar no matter what happens.🤩

  3. I hope Rafa gets some good rest and recovery, finally makes it out there eventually and give us one final year of glory.

    Also if the Champ decides after a while that enough is enough, he can’t do this hide and seek with injury anymore-that’s fine too.

    Rafa has been such a blessing and I’m just happy to have witnessed some of his amazing feats.

    Stay happy champ!

  4. Rafa, so worried about you! Just get well no matter how long it might take. Even if you have to miss the FO. It’ll be very sad for you and all of us but still …… it’s more important that you heal completely. No use coming back if you’re not completely ready.

    You’re in our prayers.

    Love you!

  5. Can’t believe how lucky I was to see Rafa in Montreal in 2019. Been a fan since 2005
    No matter how long it takes hope so much that he can come back. No one like him miss you my champ forever

  6. Good for you!!! Your health, family , and wonderful memories will all be preserved. Not to disappoint yourself on the court while hurting your body for the future is well worth skipping even a year. I am so thankful that you are taking your time and advice. Vamos to good health and good decisions!!!!

  7. Rafa I am so very sorry to read your post. This has to be heartbreaking for you. Don’t worry about your fans Rafa..you are not responsible for that injury, what is more..if fans cannot support you through this horrendous time in your career,, they have a neck to be putting their disappointment before your health. Some of us are keeping you in our Prayers, and send best wishes to get well soon. Vamos my Champion..your fan since April 2002. 🇪🇦🇪🇦❤☘☘

    • IAs fans we all wish Rafa well. i think some people are disappointed that they could not see him play. They are NOT disappointed in him.

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