WATCH: Maria Francisca Perello cries after Rafael Nadal’s injury at Australian Open 2023

Maria Francisca Perello was seen in tears when her husband Rafael Nadal needed a medical time-out after suffering with a fresh injury at the Australian Open.

Rafa called the physio to court and received some initial treatment and assessment but was taken off the court for his medical time-out, sparking concern among his team. As the camera panned over his player box, coach Carlos Moya could be seen looking anxious while his wife Mery was seen shedding tears before wiping them away.


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  3. Saw on the news this morning that Rafa had an MRI in Melbourne which showed that he has injured his hip flexor muscle and could need about 6 – 8 weeks to recover. On a positive note, I think that is a better injury than if he had injured his hip joint. Also I injured my hip flexor muscle once and was able to recover within a few weeks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Rafa is able to recover more quickly than the 6-8 weeks suggested.

    • Thanks for the update.

      I’ve read another article that says Rafa tore a muscle in that area.

      Indian wells and Miami might be too soon to expect Rafa’s return.

      Looking forward to Rafa’s return during the European clay court season, where he will soar!

  4. For me, Rafa is always the most thrilling player to watch. When seeing him on court suffering from yet another injury it is so painful to watch as a fan. I can’t imagine how his family and team must feel sitting right there. I really feel for him. Watching Rafa as always; he takes you on this incredible journey with him, this wild wonderful ride. He creates such excitement on the court. I can’t imagine tennis without him. Knowing Rafa is so familiar with forging comebacks from injury, I am confident he’ll be back healthy and rearing to go once again. Until then, rest up, recover and take good care of yourself, dear Rafa! You are always my favorite!

  5. I too think Rafa should retire while his on a high now. He keeps getting all these injuries and one worse than the other. He has his new family now that he should give his all to his family. He doesn’t have to worry about money or anything of the sort as he has everything. We will all love him as our greatest tennis player ever, but the young players are coming out now and stronger than ever. Rafa will always be one of the greatest tennis stars in the world and don’t have to prove it to us anymore. We know that. He should get himself healthy, retire, and start living a wonderful life with his family. He can focus on his school of tennis that he’s running and produce some magnificent players. All in all, I wish him the best in whatever his future venues are for he’s still the best in my book.

    • I too will be done with watching Men’s Tennis when Rafa is Susan. For me, no-one can ever replace Rafa. I will be very sad when he does retire and still hope that he can recover once more to play on the clay for one more season. I fear his body has had enough and, for obvious reasons, Rafa is reluctant to listen. He has competed hard throughout his career and sheer will power has enabled him to come back after ever injury but, regrettably, they are beginning to pile up. I am sure we all hate to see Rafa in pain. The Tour will never be the same without him of course. He has surely captured our hearts and minds. The BBC has just announced that Rafa has strained his hip flexor and will need to take 6-8 weeks off to rest and recover. That might scupper any plans to play Indian Wells. Perhaps he should just focus on getting ready for Monte Carlo. Rafa needs to be healthy and fit to play at his best, which he will need to be at this stage in his career. Let’s hope he can do it.

  6. I have loved watching Rafa for several years when he was healthier. It is very painful for fans that love him to watch him play in obvious pain. I believe he needs to retire while he is still able to enjoy all the things he can do with his son and give his body a rest from the rigorous training required to compete. I am done with tennis when Rafa is.

  7. I agree that we don’t need to see Mery in tears. Intrusive.

    At the same time I think the emotional shock of seeing that happen is a big part of the story of the AO. I was watching 14000 plus miles away and I felt it. I don’t think I slept at all after the matched concluded at 12:30 a.m.

    Rafa wasn’t playing well but he was fighting intensely. And then it all stopped.

    Just got to hope for the best.

  8. It was shattering enough to see Rafa hurt and struggling. They are a family that values privacy,
    and we want to respect that.

    • I agree Dominique. It is enough to learn that Mery was upset to see Rafa in pain. We can all understand that and sympathise with her. We didn’t need to actually SEE her in tears!

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