United Cup 2022: Rafael Nadal’s first practice in Sydney

Earlier today Rafael Nadal had first practice session in Sydney where he is going to lead his country at the United Cup. Here are a few photos.


  1. Wow, Rafa in tournament again before the year ends. Have a good practice for a successful match, good body condition and mental health. Let’s pray and have faith to believe God for a successful tournamen. Yours for the WIN. PRAY for you for God to give you strength, power and wisdom for the win Isaiah 11:2 anointing. Jesus in you the HOPE of GLORY Amen. SHALOM!

    • What’s god got to do with anything? Rafa is such a superb player because he has a fantastic natural talent. It’s not Devine intervention.

    • Sorry. Divine intervention. Not Devine. Woops. I don’t recall Rafa mentioning once about god helping him win. But, yeah, read your story book, talk to a mystery entity if you like. Each to their own.

  2. Wow, can’t believe Season 2023 is just about here! Wishing Rafa, his family and team all the best for a happy new year!

  3. Welcome to Australia, Rafa & Family as well as your entire Team.

    I pray that you do well in your campaign towards the AO.

    • Vamos, Rafa!

      We will see Rafa in action against Cam Norrie of Britain on 12/31. Hope Rafa gets a great start at the United Cup. 🎁🏆🏅🍷☀️🍾🥇🎾

      • I wouldn’t mind knowing this either. the official United Cup website is pretty sparse when it comes to match times, as in, zero match times. has anyone seen the website? It’s cringe, those poses they make the players do. Deary me. Tsitsipas is also holding a Koala. Eurgh.

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