WATCH: Esquire magazine names Rafael Nadal Man of the Year

22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal has picked up yet another year-end honor – this time named Man of the Year by Esquire magazine.

“For being, without a doubt, the embodiment of the best values that anyone would like to find, on and off the track. For having aroused the unanimous admiration of all and for demonstrating that effort, respect and humility are capable of moving mountains. Even when it seems like everything is against you. For being a renaissance master. Of sports revivals, over and over again. The 2022 Esquire Man of the Year grand prize goes to Rafael Nadal,” Esquire stated.

Our champ is joined on the list of winners by Sam Heughan, Pablo Alboran, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Dani García, Arturo Valls, Angel Martin, Ismael Cruz Cordova and Rafael Perez-Santamarina in different categories.

Well deserved! Congrats Rafa!


  1. What a recognition for Rafa as “Man of the Year” by Esquire. Well said that “he has the embodiment of good values….and can move mountains”. For me, those mountains are the many difficulties and trials he had faced, yet he conquered and defeated them by being on TOP of it all. That’s why Rafa is a “Star Champion” and a great model all over the world. Keep up the good work Rafa. God’s full blessing be with you as the year end and in 2023. Trust God with all your heart and have faith to believe that to God nothing is impossible. God loves you faithfully. Psalm 103….Shalom!

  2. The embodiment of the best values that anyone would like to find on or off the track…. That’s our Rafa all right!

  3. Yes-Esquire, you nailed it! Renaissance in its true meaning. No one makes a comeback like Rafa. Crutches to the glory of two slams. The world is acknowledging what we know-a phenomenal balance of respectful humility and voracious ferocity to the death👺Salud, Rafael Nadal❤️👏💪🙏

  4. Congratulations Rafa!🥳 Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.🎄🍾 All the best always.❤️

    • I do believe your drive enthusiasm belief and you being so humble will take you to the top once again – go for it would love to see you do the best you can once again. We believe you can !!!!!!

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