ATP Finals: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Felix Auger-Aliassime in Turin?

After losing his opening match at the ATP Finals, Rafael Nadal hopes to rescue his campaign as he takes on world No. 6 and Florence, Antwerp, and Basel champion Felix Auger-Aliassime in his second round-robin match on Tuesday.

Date: November 15, 2022

Match time: Not before 2 PM local time / 8 AM EST –  New York, Montreal / 1 PM GMT – United Kingdom / 2 PM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / midnight AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

(Photo by Shi Tang/Getty Images)

Rafa leads Felix 2-0 in the head-to-head. The last time they competed against each other, our champ won 3-6, 6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3  in the fourth round back in June 2022.

Rafa on playing Felix:

It’s a match like a normal tournament already, because the loser will (probably) go out of the tournament. I have to just accept that I need to do better things. I hope to be ready to make that happen.

Felix is finishing the season playing unbelievable, winning (three) tournaments in a row, playing so well. It’s another big challenge.

Earlier this year, Rafa said he would not be bothered if Toni, who was his coach for 14 of his 22 Grand Slam titles, was on court, or in the Auger-Aliassime box or not.

In 10 appearances (not including the current one), Rafa has reached the final only twice — finishing runner-up to Roger Federer in 2010 and to Novak Djokovic in 2013.



  1. I was honestly more excited for Rafa and his precious new family! The tennis has taken 2nd stage for me this week. Also happy for Gael Monfils and Daniel Medvedev’s baby girls. There will be plenty of tennis for Rafa in the new year! And of course I look forward to that. Doesn’t matter to me if Rafa loses to these talented younger players. It’s about time they stepped up to the plate! Intriguing to see how their careers will play out! Rafa has accomplished so much! It is always a priviledge and a pleasure to still watch him compete. Always a big fan!

  2. This is a tough battle back to the level you want. If anyone can do this, it is you. It has been a roller coaster ride of challenges-physical and emotional. Fight to regain your confidence.
    We are there with you👍👏💪🤛🍀🎾❤️

  3. Rafa has summed it up after his match against Fritz. “I felt that everthing was going so fast. When that happens, normally you are under stress and you don’t have time to play the kind of shot that you want. In most of the points in the match, I was in a defensive position and he was in an offensive position.” On this fast, low bouncing surface, spinny shots and with a big take-back, he doesn’t have time on the ball to crush his forehand and it might explain in part, why he made so many errors. The same happened in his matches against Paul and Tiafoe who have similar game styles to Fritz. I’m

    It must be hard for Rafa to be in a tournament not relishing the challenge and knowing he’s on the back foot from the start. Win or lose, I just hope Rafa can put up a good show against FAA because he’ll probably employ the same tactics as Fritz.

    • Fritz and Tiafoe play power tennis but Tommy Paul does not, so that explanation doesn’t really cut it there. Not to mention Nadal has played aggressive style players all throughout his career, this isn’t some new way of playing tennis that was discovered. Usually he beat them. Now he is on a 4 match losing streak for the first time in his career. Because so much of Nadal’s losses are predicated by either injury or lack of confidence (particularly against Djokovic) this is particularly concerning for the remainder of his career. I hope he takes the long break between now and the AO to change some things, work extra hard and come back stronger.

      • I’ll go with what Rafa said himself. As well as serving very well, all of Rafa’s last three opponents hit hard and flat to his fh to open up the court and that tactic has paid dividends to his opponents. I would agree that Rafa lacked confidence, showing a lot of nerves on this indoor surface, hence errors galore. Injury in the second part of the season hasn’t filled him with confidence either.
        Yes, he does need to make adjustments, especially as his younger opponents are getting better, but I believe that Rafa will start afresh next year and get his majo back in time for the AO.

    • Unfortunaly my words before the mach was right… Now is time to get rest, then to work hard and the most important playing and winning matches… Until then we need to have faith and pray for our rafa to stay healty….
      Another problem is that djoket will play in ao….
      Vamos Rafa you are the GOAT and the best tactician. If is somebody who knows how to solve this Rafa is the best one…

    • According to the Atp tour site, Rafa will be eliminated if Casper wins at least one set from Fritz. Unfortunately, that has occurred, so Rafa can’t reach the semifinals at the atp finals. Rafa admits he knows what he needs to do to return to a better level. All we can do is pray and hope for Rafa to get back to a higher level that he is used to. Rafa can also play for pride against Casper on Thursday. Hopefully Rafa can win that next match even if he does not advance further in the event. Onwards and upwards in 2023, Rafa. Would love to see Rafa win some more big titles next year and remain healthy. Not ready to give up watching Rafa play and win again. He is an inspiration for sure.

      • Casper won against Fritz. So Casper made the semis. Felix will likely beat Fritz. So if Rafa can’t make the semis, at least one or both of his academy students will get there and maybe win the title this year. That might give Rafa some solace. Hopefully Rafa can at least get one win in this event. I think Rafa has a chance on Thursday.

    • I know some are disappointed in Rafa, but not me. It shows how difficult it is to come back from injury and inactivity and get back to his best level. I have faith and confidence that Rafa will get there again in 2023. Just think, No one expected Rafa to win aus open this year or French open after the foot injury in rome. In looking back on 2022, Rafa should have taken more time off between australia and the start of the clay season, not played wimbledon, and given himself some time off between tournaments. Super proud of his two slam titles in 2022!

      • Agree that Rafa and we all need to look ahead and forward to 2023. But what an amazing year 2022 was for our dear Rafa! 2 slam titles in 2022, and 22 total slam titles in his career – the best in the history of men’s professional tennis! Above all, the birth of his son Rafa jr! Also the farewell tour for his friend and rival Federer. I am super proud of being Rafa’s fan. Wishing for the best in 2023, and I think Rafa will be playing a somewhat reduced schedule after many lessons learned this year. I too will rewatch the Australian open and French open 2022 title runs during the holiday season. ☀️🙂Would love to see him win a few more slams and masters titles in 2023 and beyond.🏆🏅🥳

  4. Hi Lorna:) I’m just enjoying the Rafa farewell tour, which is why he looks amazing to me, win or lose:):)

    Like I’ve said before, my 2022 has been made already, so these indoor tournaments, I really do not care for. I will watch the matches but I’m not too invested in the outcome.

    Happy if he wins of course, but not too bothered if he loses. I hope the champ feels the same way, so he can swing freely and have fun out there.

    Hope Rafa stays healthy and injury free to enter the 2023 season.

  5. I am a Rafa fan to the core. I am praying he wins his next two. But truly he has GOT to get his old serve back in play! He cannot keep up with the likes of Kyrgios (seriously – his serve is INSANE!) and other big servers (I honestly don’t care for FAA’s – I could take a jog around the block whilst he gets the ball in the air to hit. And how he ended up with Uncle Toni is beyond me!). Bottom line is – I want Rafa to win. Period. Always. Full stop. And I know HE wants to win, too. But when his confidence is low he misses his marks and it all goes south fast. I hope the crowd helps him big time going forward! WE know he’s a champions Champion! Go get ’em, Rafa!

  6. It will a very big surprise if rafa will win tommorow. In these days he reminds me about the times 2015 2016 when he barely win 2 3 small tournament per year.
    Hopping to stay healty and plays few tournaments before ao to rebuild his confdence.
    To this tournament i have zero hopes to win one match.
    I wish already a happy new year and to have maybe same or even more succefull 2023 year.
    Until then VAMOS RAFA

    • Rafa, no worries, that was your “test” match. On this court, you need to attack. Good luck Rafa in your next match! Onwards and upward!

      • Yeah, the odds and bookies have been wrong for all 3 matches played so far. Maybe it’s better to not be favored in the odds. All I can do is wish and pray that Rafa plays a lot better from here on and remain healthy. His family and fans are here to support him! 🙂

      • I like that the match is earlier tomorrow. I will watch intently and hope Rafa plays better and wins. Good luck, Dear Rafa!

    • This tournament is anyone’s tourney to win. So far, three atp finals matches have been played, and three upsets so far. Expect the unexpected! Fingers crossed and praying that Rafa wins his next two matches.

      • Good observations. These indoor courts suit those who attack and have big serves, as defense can only get you so far. Everyone expects Felix to win, but I’m sure Rafa has a few tricks up his sleeve and some much better tennis ahead of him! Good luck and stay healthy, Rafa!

      • That’s also the beauty of this event. Rafa has not been eliminated and has a clean slate ahead. Just win two matches playing well with comfortable margins and he has a chance to advance to semifinals. Best of luck and health, Rafa!

      • The early afternoon start time might benefit Rafa. He lost his last two indoor matches playing so late in the evening. Looking on the bright side for Rafa!

      • Rafa has not given up. As fans, we shouldn’t give up hope on Rafa either, considering the challenging circumstances (returning from stubborn abs injury, being away from sport to be with wife and newborn son, etc). Rafa can only get better from here.💪😃🍎

    • I agree that it seems like it will be a completely random winner of the event this year. That’s why we have seen 4 or more different winners since 2017. Whoever plays gutsy, attacking, and offensive tennis will win. Of course I want Rafa to win it all, and he still can. It is in his hands. However, It wouldn’t surprise me if Fritz or Rublev win this year either.

      • Anything could happen! Tine and time again he does proof it. Unless it’s doesn’t matter winning or losing ☺️

  7. Go Rafa!!!
    For how many times you beat Felix and hopefully you’ll victorious in beating him again. I know you can do it again. Vamos Rafa!!!

  8. Ok, Rafa, keep on going and fight the good fight. I hope your team coaches will help you analyze how your opponent played, so you can have better strategy to win against them. I guessed Fritz, Tiafoe etc. has studied your tennis style carefully in order to win over you. I believe you and your team can figure it out for your next game. Wish you success! God bless you all!

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