VIDEO: Rafael Nadal vs Taylor Fritz Highlights, Hot Shot | ATP Finals 2022

Rafael Nadal vs Taylor Fritz highlights from Round Robin 1 of the 2022 ATP Finals in Turin.

Hot Shot:


  1. The “hot shot” is our Rafa in one shot. Simply amazing. But what I do not understand is how many people didn’t get the memo yet to turn their phone horizontally to record video?!!! Is your TV sitting vertically? No. Turn the phone that way to record! (rant over). On to FAA. Vamos Rafa!

  2. I’m not interested in seeing video highlights. Rafa lost and that’s it. His post match presser was painful to watch. He gave an honest appraisal of the match, but you could see his disappointment at the result and the discomfort in having to recount what happened.
    FAA has a similar hard hitting, big serving game to Fritz, but I hope Rafa finds the strength to fight hard fior the win against him on Tuesday.

  3. Rafa, the mark of a Champion is in you and nothing can change it. You have given your very best in the game that makes you a winner. Cheer up and press on! Have a very refreshing day with family and team. Take care!

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