VIDEO: Why did Rafael Nadal tell Lorenzo Sonego to stop with the late grunting?

Rafael Nadal speaks after his third round encounter with Lorenzo Sonego on Centre Court.

Probably been my best match here without a doubt during the Championships, against the most difficult player I faced. I have been able to raise my level, super happy for that and wishing Lorenzo Sonego the best for the season he is a great player on grass I think he has a great future here.

Not spicy at all – I just from the bottom of my heart I didn’t make it in a negative way I feel sorry if I bothered him but I did it in a right way. I feel really bad now if I bothered him so I feel sorry for that. That’s it – I will talk to him after but this is not a problem.

You never know – it’s always a tricky thing. I went through some tough injuries in my career but in some way I feel very lucky that I am still able to play at my age. I never thought that would happen 10 years ago so I feel lucky so thanks to everyone who has supported to me in this journey.


  1. Nadal? Manhandling? You must be referring to NK and ST on the other court. That circus will sell more tickets
    to anyone who wants to see spitting and hear cursing along with constant verbal disrespect of opponents and officials. Some people enjoy the performance and would likely cheer on a brawl. But it is not tennis.
    NK just laughs and gains more notoriety……

  2. It’s a gentleman’s sport, especially Wimbeldon, Rafa knows this. Some players and attendees should remember this also.

  3. Imagine what Rafa could tell MOST players about etiquette! Well done, Rafa. You have earned every privilege and everyone can learn from the ONLY player to NEVER have thrown a racquet. Period.

  4. Good Lord this man looks good in WHITE!
    Congratulations on the win today and on the news of becoming a new Dad soon 🙂
    Rafa, your empathy, honesty and integrity never ceases to amaze me!
    All the best of luck and injury free to win another TROPHY for the mama and new baby Rafa coming!

  5. Nadal must be completely unaware that he makes loud annoying noises when he plays. Shame on you, Rafa, for calling out an up and coming player you were manhandling on the courts.

    • Man handling seriously , did you even watched the match or just came here to spit venom against Rafa . It was never about the grunt , Rafa himself makes that but it was the delayed timing when he was doing it which was distracting for Rafa . And Rafa just politely asked him to look after it that’s it. Some someone doesn’t like some personally they only see negative in them like u in this case against Rafa.

  6. Thank you for your honesty. It has never been your tactic to play mind games with your opponent. The incident was not seen here, but it seems to be poor sportsmanship.
    Congrats on the win in straight sets. All the best in week 2👏👍🤛💪🍀🎾❤️

  7. Congratulations Rafa, you were amazing. Onwards and upwards now to the next round, Vamos x

  8. Rafa Congratulations on your straights win v Lorenzo. Have a little relaxation now, before you face Botic. Vamos Rafa 🇪🇦

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