Rafa Roundup: “It’s inspiring how Nadal recovers from every blow”

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“Rafa’s season has been unbelievable. The Grand Slams, in Australia and Paris. It is really impressive what he is doing. It is going to be tough. When you step on court to play against the top guys, the speed is different,” said Berankis, who seeks his third Top 10 win.

“The speed and consistency from the top players is always the same. They don’t make mistakes. You need to win the point yourself to have any chance, they give nothing to you. I think to keep the concentration is the hardest part and more important. When we played in Australia, I stepped on court in my first match against him and I woke up and was already 1-4 down. You need to be on it right from the beginning as you won’t get gifts.”

“I admire his ability to raise the bar again and again, it’s inspiring how he recovers from every blow. When I saw what happened in Rome, I honestly must say that I saw it impossible that I could win in Paris. Seeing how he limped and didn’t leave the track was inspiring, that shows how he thinks about the fans and the love and respect he feels for this sport. He is an impressive competitor, a great person and a magnificent representative of this sport. He’s my favorite person in the tennis world. Witnessing a workout of his is an unforgettable experience because the intensity he puts into all his shots is incredible,” said Gauff.

“It would be very unique,” Djokovic said of a potential reunion with his three big rivals at his post-match press conference.

“It is a possibility. My agent has communication with the Laver Cup team. We have an agreement that there will be a decision after Wimbledon is finished. Laver Cup is the only competition where you can have all the big rivals, the big three, big four players joining in the same team.”

“First of all, thanks for the words from Serena. I read [them]. It’s great to hear these beautiful things from probably one of the biggest female athletes in the history of the sport in general,” Nadal said. “And it’s great that she’s trying to come back. The only thing that shows is passion and love for the game. After all the things that she achieved, and long period of time being injured, it’s so difficult to try to come back.”

“Just [to] be here shows that she has a lot of love for her work and for this game,” Nadal said. “I think that’s a great example.”

Social media related to Rafa:

Francisco Cerundolo: “Today I won much more than I lost. Wimbledon debut, on center court and against Rafael Nadal, playing a great match. Congratulations to Rafa for the game and for everything he has been doing in his career. Thank you Wimbledon. I leave with my head held high. To follow!”


  1. Obligatory drama, or cause for concern? Finish this before that roof needs a reason to close Rafa!

  2. Anyone else notice some strapping on Rafa’s abdomen when he changed his shirt on court after he won the 1st set. It was flesh coloured so easy to miss. Hope all ok

  3. I get goosebumps hearing all this statements prizes recognize about Rafa because is unbelievable what he is deserves all the kudos ❤ VAMOS RAFA good 🍀 🍀 my Champ

  4. The admiration from his fellow competitors for Rafa is so great and well deserved . As a lifelong fan , Rafa is everything to me and how he goes , I go . Thankfully , it’s been a tremendous ride and hopefully will continue for years to come . Today is a new day and new challenge and hope Rafa can continue his winning tradition of 2022 and perhaps compete to win a Wimbledon Grand Slam . Certainly , the momentum is with Rafa nd he looks good and hungry for the title . Vamos and let’s beat Berankis .

  5. I’m so happy to be living in the Rafa era. Tennis will never be the same without him.
    Secondly, he totally deserves the Best Athlete Award by ESPN.
    VAMOS Rafa no 1 always and forever. 😁👏⭐️🇪🇸

  6. I adore and admire Rafa Nadal just like his millions of other fans, but my passion for him is not only because of his incredible talent, not only because of his passion for tennis and competition, not only for his total focus on each point played, not only for his humility about his own skills and praise for others’, but most of all because he is a genuinely good man. All in all, Rafa is a man who exhibits kindness, exudes charm, and is physically attractive in both a boyish and manly way. I am privileged and grateful to be able to watch him play, see his interviews, and read his autobiography and many biographies. Thankfully, many forms of media will document as much as possible about this man called Rafa.

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