Wimbledon 2022: Friday practice photos

During the Wimbledon draw ceemony Rafael Nadal was on practice court not thinking about possible opponents. He was focusing on improving his game and had a lot of fun with his team. Here are some photos.


  1. I am your 84 year old USA honorary Grandmother. Always in my prayers. Blessings to you Always in my heart. dear Rafa my most respectful precious grandson. Prayers to you as you play Wimbeldon.

  2. No pain no gain. Rafael I pray that health and healing be unto you this season. And that you live pain free.nothing is impossible, Your maker is your Healer. Claim health. You are the best ,because you are humble.
    Blessings. Am a follower of love to watch you play.

    • Hi Rafa
      I am a 77 year old woman. I have been watching you play for years.. I would like to see you play in person before you retire at the U S open .I think you are the best. Good luck at Wimbledon.
      God Bless.

  3. A third Wimbledon would be a dream come true. For me, specially after the 2018 roof scandal — I still didn’t absorb that.

    And then Rafa would arrive favourite at the US Open too, and he’s not mentally weak as the other who melted in straight sets with Daniil.

    Let’s dream on… 🙂

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