Wimbledon 2022: Tuesday practice photos

Here are a few photos of Rafael Nadal from Thursday’s practice session on the courts of SW19.


  1. I wish Moya was there also. Rafa is the greatest ever to play tennis. We are so excited to watch Wimbledon
    and see Rafa excell there. Rafael is the foremost athlete of them all. God bless you Rafa snd amos

  2. I believe seeded second is a blessing yes!!
    Our champ is in good form so I also believe his attitude will help in winning the trophy once again!!!!

  3. I may have missed the boat, but I just discovered that Wimbledon, as of 2021, seeds by ranking. I hope this is a good omen for Rafa since Med and Zverev are out and our champ is 2nd seed.

    Rafa can surely beat ND at Wimbledon so I’m just hoping his foot will continue to heal to give Rafa his fighting chance. Rafa has overwhelmingly shown us how much he loves competing.


    • Margo, I think the issue formerly was that Wimbledon would give “extra credit” for players who competed on grass courts. Ranking was still primarily based on ATP ranking but with this extra factor. As I recall Rafa’s team had complained about this in the past. Please someone correct me if I have this wrong.

      Also note that Nole and Rafa will not be ranked 1 and 2 again in a tournament for a while. Djokovic will drop to 7 or 8 even if he wins Wimbledon and will fall even further unless he is somehow allowed to compete at the US Open. Of course he could always just get the shot like everyone else.

      • David, Yes, seeding by ranking with a cushion according to how well they did on grass in previous years. Agreed.

        The following is from the Wimbledon website, “From The Championships 2021 onwards, seeding for the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles are based on world ranking.” Hence, no “extra factor.” I guess I could have said “…seeding by ranking ONLY.” Sorry if I muddled it.

  4. Looks like Rafa has Coach Roig and Coach Lopez with him at Wimbledon while Coach Moya stays home to be with his young family. I believe Coach Moya has stayed back for Wimbledon before. Of course he could show up later in the tournament if needed.

    Vamos Rafa!

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