Rafa Roundup: Here’s proof that Nadal’s foot injections are not on list of prohibited products

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In a 12-point summary, Semed responded to “comments that are taking place in relation to the treatment received by the tennis player Mr. Rafael Nadal during his participation in the Roland Garros tournament.” Firstly, Semed said that “anesthetic injections are therapeutic procedures of widespread and historical use, both in the field of sports, as well as in the workplace and many others. The indications for such injections are well-defined in medicine and their main objective is to reduce localized pain in an anatomical area.”

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)’s director general, Olivier Niggli, weighed in on the debate on Thursday, stating that the injections Nadal received in his foot are permitted by the IOC watchdog.

Such injections “are not on the [WADA] list of prohibited substances, as it considered they do not improve sports performance and are not harmful,” Niggli told Swiss broadcaster RTS.

“Nadal has won 14 titles at Roland Garros, and if he won the previous 13 without the need for injections, it is likely that the fourteenth was not thanks to them,” he added.

“I was courtside for a lot of his matches. And I could see on his face, because you can read the emotion a lot more when you have someone getting his towel one metre away from you or playing the ball two metres away from you rather than commentating from the booth, where it a lot more difficult to read the body language. Despite his incredible match against Zverev, which for me was insane in terms of all levels, or even against Auger-Aliassime or even before that, he was really suffering. The pain was still there, he was trying to manage through it.”

“But I think for Rafa, everything was planned until the 5th of June. His goal was to win a 14th Roland-Garros and a 22nd Grand Slam title and then see. And for me, what he has done, he has gone way beyond the limits any human being would go to in terms of pain and everything to get that title and then to assess.”

“In other Slams also he played with his foot asleep. At Wimbledon 2008, he played the final against Federer with his foot numb too,” Toni said. “During the [2022] Australian Open, we had a video call and he told me he couldn’t move. But, after two intense matches, he raised the level of him and got in shape.”

“After Rome, I told Rafa that if he played like he did in the first set against [Denis] Shapovalov, the level was to win Roland Garros,” Toni said. “If he can play, Rafa is a candidate to win Wimbledon. There he made five finals in a row.”

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Pau Gasol: Rafa matters to me as a friend. The injury is complex. You have to be patient. I hope he can solve the injury, not only to continue competing, but for his quality of life.


  1. It really is stupid. Rafa’s foot problems have pretty much been sports headline news. The tennis authorities know all about them, and I’m sure that they’ve asked any questions which need to be asked.

  2. Your the most transparent person l now you would not do anything which is wrong all the best for your treatment on your foot

  3. If somehow they can numb a part of your brain, the nerve that leads to double fault, zverev would be almost unbeatable.

  4. Rafa needs time to recover and heal. The last thing he needs to contend with is baseless allegations. This is a sad commentary on the world; there is such a desire to destroy a person’s reputation. Is it jealousy and envy?

    • Here here. The world is a sad place. Rafa with his personality helps to make it a better place.

  5. Totally agree with what others have said, Rafa would never cheat, he has too much integrity and too much love for the sport of tennis. It’s ironic that it’s some individuals from the cycling world who are making a fuss – is there a more corrupt sport over the last 20 or 30 years of people cheating than cycling- I don’t think so! We all know that without question Rafa would retire from tennis, if he had to cheat to compete. Rafa is always open and honest about his injuries, his efforts to recover and be in shape – it’s one of the things I love about him!!!

  6. Remember, envy as one of the seven deadly sins?

    Let’s all just move on – onwards and upwards. Refuse to be distracted, eyes on the ball only.

  7. We all know Rafa is taking something for his foot condition. He even said that himself. He’s even not hiding it from us too. People are so jealous that Rafa is the GOAT of tennis, especially from the Djokovic fans.

  8. Why do people always think the worst and they always think a great person just doing something illegal. When they are not so stop hating and and please give Rafael Nadal respect that he deserves and don’t take away his Joy did he so deserve that he has most definitely earn it all the way to the top please stay healthy my friend🙏❤😇🙏

  9. Going back 10 years, could even be 15 years, similar unfounded allegations were made – again in France. It’s cyclists making remarks this time. The injections Rafa’s been having have been reported all over the media: he’s been completely open about them, and the ATP and ITF know all about them and are obviously happy that they don’t break any rules.

  10. We know that already as many athletes have
    Injections that are legal, we know Rafa would never do anything illegal ,

  11. Honestly as.com is way out of line. Like bachelot they should either offer an apology or get their pants sued off. Enough of this feckless garbage.
    Tennis has a set of rules and Rafa has done everything to abide by them, since he started playing

  12. There are always people wanting to diminish greatness by claiming foul. Rafa would be the last person on earth who would want to win by another means other than excellence!

  13. Congratulations to Iga and Rafa!🏆🥳❤️
    Also to Casper and Coco for a wonderful tournament, I am sure we will see both lifting a GS trophy in a near future.🍀😊

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