VIDEO: Rafael Nadal undergoes treatment for foot injury in Barcelona

Two days after winning 14th French Open title in Paris, Rafael Nadal has undergone treatment for his foot in Barcelona. Our champ got radiofrequency ablation treatment, which targets and destroys nerve fibres carrying pain signals to the brain.

On his way home to Mallorca, many fans and reporters waited for our champ at the Barcelona airport. Using his crutches, Rafa came out of the car and signed autographs for fans.

We’ll know in a few days. I don’t feel anything right now.

Rafa Nadal

He needs to come back to Barcelona a few more times. If successful, Rafa could be back on his feet in time for Wimbledon in three weeks.


  1. I only want Rafa to play tennis as he is the best ever from my perspective and he is still at the top of his game . Knowing Rafa , he has weighed the pros and cons and is convinced he will benefit and not lose any valuable time in recovery .

  2. Rafa is like a vintage wine. The older he gets the better he plays and improves. Apart from speed, he is a complete player in every respect and there are no words to describe what he has achieved. Titan, colossus and unyielding strength of spirit and will.

  3. Vamos RAFA!. Heartiest congratulations to you for 14 th RG.I am sure you will get cure with this electrowave nerve therapy.Awaiting you at Wimbledon

  4. Rafa wishing you well with this treatment. It will be an answer to all our prayers for this to heal and give you freedom to continue playing the sport you love so well. As endearing as ever to your fans, signing autographs whilst on crutches. The true gentleman of sport. Vamos my Champion.🇪🇦☘

  5. Wishing you all the best Rafa! I pray that the treatment works and the foot stops bothering you and you can have a ‘normal’ day to day life. Vamos!

  6. Praying that his treatment works and that he will have less pain, He is so respectful of his fans, despite being on crutches he stopped to greet them and sign autographs. Great person 👏

  7. Hope the treatment is a success, and you are starting to feel better soon, Rafa.🙏 Sending good, healthy recovery vibes your way. All the best to our humble champion!❤️

  8. He loves tennis and I think he wants to prove he can still be the best. And I think he wants that calendar slam. I hope he can at least try for it because he wants to.

  9. Superhuman ! I really don’t know how he does all this . Watching his success, his sufferings his will to win , It’s an absolute honour to be his fan. LOVE YOU 3000

  10. A world tour would give him time to heal. Just a respite to be greeted by all those who appreciate him so much!! Wish your will power could quell those foot nerves! I just wish you Rafa all the cure possible.

  11. Rest and recover, Rafa. Hope the procedure is completely successful. Take some time to de-compress from all the hype. You have so much patience-amazing.🥰

  12. Rafa is a true fighter. I wish he could come to Hong Kong to meet us one day. We, Hong Kong fans, love him crazily!!!

    • Wishing you all the best Rafa. The treatment will reduce foot pain and you will play in wimbledon 2022

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