Ahead of Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal drops one place in ATP rankings

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The post Rome Masters rankings are up.

Rafael Nadal has dropped one place to 5th spot in the ATP singles rankings after being eliminated in the third round at the Rome Masters. He suffered a recurrence of his old foot injury during his match against Denis Shapovalov in Rome.

With Rafa dropping to No 5 in this week’s rankings, things could get complicated at Roland-Garros. As the No. 5 seed in Paris, our champ could face Novak Djokovic or any other top 4 seed as soon as the quarter-finals.

With 8660 points, Novak Djokovic, leads No. 2 Daniil Medvedev by 680 points. Alexander Zverev remains steady at No. 3, while Stefanos Tsitsipas moved up a spot to No. 4.

Carlos Alcaraz with 4,770 points is in sixth place, followed by Andrei Rublev who is seventh with 3,945 points, Casper Ruud again progress to eighth place with 3,940 points, while Felix Auger-Aliassime is ninth with 3,850 points, followed by Matteo Berrettini in tenth with 3,805 points.

ATP World Tour rankings – top 10 as of Monday 16 May:

1. Novak Djokovic – 8,660 points

2. Daniil Medvedev – 7,980 points

3. Alexander Zverev – 7,200 points

4. Stefanos Tsitsipas – 6,170 points

5. Rafael Nadal – 5,525 points

6. Carlos Alcaraz – 4,770 points

7. Andrei Rublev – 3,945 points

8. Casper Ruud – 3,940 points

9. Felix Auger-Aliassime – 3,850 points

10. Matteo Berrettini – 3,805 points

In the 52 week rankings, the year to date rankings, Rafa is still No. 1.

The 2022 Roland Garros starts on May 22 and will end on June 5. The draw will be released on Thursday, May 19 at 6.45 pm local time.


  1. The news seems a little too quiet for me. Rafa is due to arrive at RG today according to what JAS_UK learned.

    I did see two on line reports on Rafa’s practices. One said he was blasting forehands as usual and the other -TennisWorldUSA.com- said that he was struggling to run.

    Could be a tense couple of days for Rafa fans. Hope for the best!

  2. Rafa you got this one.
    Once again im comparing your season to Feds 2017 (His comeback from injury at age 35).
    The first part of the season has been similar.
    For the second part, he was knocked out early in the Wimbledon warmup but went on to win Wimby without dropping a set.
    Hoping for something similar from you. Just find a way around the foot. Just for 7 matches.
    Skip Wimby if you have to, but win this man. Its yours.

  3. They should use AI and Machine Learning to predict when is the next time Nadal will be injured. The dataset is plenty.

  4. Injuries are a part of Rafa’s remarkable tennis career. As well as overcoming them and forging those amazing comebacks. No body had him winning his 21st Grand Slam and 2nd Australian Open and he defied those odds.
    Of course we’ll see what happens one day at a time during the French Open. Rafa’s health and well-being come first and are more important! But we can’t overlook his amazing fighting spirit. Again, he scored the 21st GS first! No other tennis player will ever amass 13 GS’s at the same GS tournament. I don’t really know who will win the 2022 French Open but Rafa will have many more opportunities if his foot injury flares up again. It’s really so amazing to me how much he has accomplished given all his injuries. That’s part of Rafa’s journey. To me Rafa is the most compelling and complete athlete and tennis professional. Watching him is just electrifying! Wishing Rafa good health, positivity, good thoughts and all the best at Roland Garos!

  5. hi there everyone!!! Its Maria, the only greatest seer in the world who predicted that Rafa could only win AO2022 by a miracle and so it came to pass.

    Now to FO2022
    Rafa’s biggest opponent will be his foot.
    Looking into my crystal ball, I can clearly see him withdrawing before the quarters

    However, his rising star compatriot, Carlos Alcaraz Garfia ”Carlito” will reach the semi- finals, but Djokovic.win win the trophy for the 3rd time and match Rafa’s 21 Grand Slams.

  6. I have faith in Mark Woodforde’s (the other half of the Woodies doubles specialists back in the day) declaration about Rafa at RG – from Monte Carlo to Rome – well, opponents may ride roughshod over Rafa in 3-setters. But in 5 sets, he still lays the stakes on Rafa.

    I don’t get Todd Woodbridge’s skewed and contrary analysis of Rafa, he plus John McEnroe. Well, what happened at the AO – they had to eat crow…..

    Sorry guys, I am in a sledging mood today.

    I am praying my darndest that Rafa’s precious foot is recovering well and speedily as we speak.

    Sending our dearest Rafa one long wave of healing spiritual vibrations all the way to Paris……

    • Yes , Rafa couldmeet those 4 in the quarter finals , but , they could also meet HIM in the quarterfinals.

      • I’m not a Rafa fan but I won’t not want to play against Rafa at any point at Roland Garros!!! 😎

  7. I agree with all who say that Rafa will prevail as long as his foot cooperates.

    I don’t think Rafa pays any attention to the draw except to find out who he plays first. Then all of his thoughts are focused on that match.

    But the draw is fun for fans to speculate on. For me the perfect draw would have Djokovic and Carlos in the top half and Rafa in the bottom half. A tough draw would have all three in the top half. Stef and the others don’t concern me much as long as the foot is healthy.

    Question for Jeff in the UK- what do your sources say about Rafa’s practice sessions?

    Also, has anyone heard whether Danill intends to play? Thanks

    Go Rafa!

      • I’ll reply whether or not you meant me 🙂 Rafa has practised today and he confirmed both that and his travel plans for Wednesday on social media.

        Daniil is playing in the Geneva 250 on clay this week as his first tournament back after his surgery, so I think he intends to play RG.

    • “Stef and the others don’t concern me much as long as the foot is healthy.”

      Reading the above made me very happy for some reason:)

  8. We’ve all seen when Rafa is at his very best. No doubt about that. Even in RG20 final against Djokovic, that he bagel’d the guy. He’s has won 13 of these, hopefully 14th will come.
    Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for the best from Rafa.
    Come on Rafa, go for it. VAMOS Rafa

  9. Rafa couldn’t be bothered who he meets in 4th Round or QF OR SF . His opponents will be shuddering !! 😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍

  10. Stay healthy, Rafa. From Alcaraz to Nishikori, there are many players struggling with injuries. Tennis has a brutal schedule. All the best in your recovery💪👏👍🤛🍀🎾❤️

  11. One round at a time. It’ll be tough if he’s in the same quarter of the draw as Nole or Stef, but let’s focus on the first round first.

  12. All those clowns ranked above him… are not tennis players. Give Rafael Nadal a 100% clean bill of health anyday anytime and he would take each of those that think they are tennis player out one by one. Rafa when you retire I never want to see another tennis ball.

    • Best comment ever. Rafa plays tennis cause he enjoys it. But the others ranked above him, they do it for the glory and want all the attention. Rafa at his very best, can take anyone on, anytime, any place. Bring it on. VAMOS Rafa.

      • Helen thank you. Yes as you say those above Rafa are glory hunters…wonder will they fly into 30s and beyond without serious injury…..probably..so they can’t possibly relate to all our Rafa has endured through his tennis career.

  13. Whatever could those numbers mean?? Exactly. Nothing, not to our champ. Rafa could meet Djoker in the 1st round and still wipe the floor with him, as long as our champ is feeling good.

    We take it day by day, match by match. Good luck Rafa and stay healthy!

    • Agree 100%. They should all be shaking in their tennis shoes whether Rafa has a foot issue or not!! Vamos

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