Rafa Roundup: Did Lacoste choose Nadal over Djokovic and Medvedev?

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Rob Steckley, the former coach of Denis Shapovalov, admitted he and the world No 14 used to marvel at Nadal’s ability to keep on fighting. “Nadal, that guy. He seems like he’s falling apart but he just never leaves us,” the Canadian tennis coach told the Match Point Canada podcast. “When I was coaching Denis, we’d always talk about when that guy was ever gonna leave tennis.”

“And he’s that guy that literally, there is nothing else for that guy you know. He’s got the most money in the world, he’s got everything,” the 42-year-old added. “And still, that guy will, even with one leg, he’s still gonna try to compete and do what he does, so that’s also admirable and courageous.”

The 35-year-old has beaten the World No. 1 ranked player 22 times till date, the most in ATP history.

Interestingly, the World No. 3 has defeated only Federer and Djokovic to achieve the feat, vanquishing the Swiss 13 times and the Serb nine times. Of the 13 wins against the Swiss 20-time Grand Slam champion, 11 have come in the final (four in Grand Slams), one in the semifinals (2005 Roland Garros) and one in the third round (2004 Miami Masters).

Against Djokovic, seven of the nine wins have come in the final (three in Grand Slams) and two in the semifinals (one in a Grand Slam). The former World No. 1 has also lost 19 matches top-ranked players, all of them against Federer (six times) and Djokovic (13 times).

“To tell the truth, it is very sad. It’s sad anyway a tournament without Nadal. He’s a huge player, he’s my idol and there are few words that can sum up my admiration for him. I feel sad for him but I’m sure he will recover and get back to the courts quickly,” Badosa stated. 

Ruud also shared that he’s played a a few rounds with Rafael Nadal in Mallorca, calling the Spaniard a “very good golfer”. The pair has yet to compete on the ATP Tour, though Nadal took the victory on the golf course.

“He’s a very, very tough competitor,” Ruud shared. “Honestly, a bit tough to play with, because he doesn’t say much because he’s so focused. Usually on the golf course you are laughing a little bit and joking around. With him, it’s no jokes,” he said with a smile.

Social media related to Rafa:

Rafa was recently spotted exercising at his academy’s gym – working on his legs by Guillaume Delamarre, a senior French ITF player.


  1. Here’s hoping this is the week that we see video of Rafa doing some light hitting at the Academy. Let’s all direct some positive vibes towards that rib!

  2. I’d rather see Rafa play just Barcelona and Rome before RG. Rafa has to find a sensible balance for the sake of his body. History has shown that he doesn’t need to play too many clay court tournaments before being victorious at the slam. Let’s see.

    • 👍
      Or maybe only Barcelona.

      Rafa’s foot is the “one” calling the shots now. I truly hope he will have had sufficient time to heal as best as possible by the time Roland-Garros and Rafa meet again. Were Rafa to win a 14th FO 🏆 I will not resist the tears of joy for him. Just sayin…

    • What’s the status on ND? Will he be able to play Monte Carlo without being vaccinated? I would like to see Rafa play Monte Carlo,Rome & of course RG. When I see the Monte Carlo commercials they show a lot of ND but very little of Rafa. How many times has Rafa won MC?…enough to show him a bit more than they do for sure!

      • Rafa withdrew from MC shortly after Indian Wells. ND’s legal residence is Monte Carlo and in any case I don’t think there is a legal requirement for vaccination there.

      • Okay maybe that’s why Rafa isn’t in the commercial for Monte Carlo! Also Rafa would want to play at least one home tournament so maybe Barcelona as Madrid isn’t his best. I know how much Rafa loves Indian Wells but I really thought after winning the Australian tuneup the Australian open & Acapulco he really should have went home to recuperate. All three tournaments were brutal plus all that sweating…his body needed to rest! Love Rafa & will be happy to see him in whatever tournament he decides to play!

  3. I am very excited for Rafa’s prospects for the coming Clay Court season . In fact , I predict Rafa will play Monte Carlo , Barcelona and Rome before Roland Garros skipping Madrid . That means CA speedy recovery and no foot pain . 6 weeks of rest is all Rafa needs to capture minimum 2cmore titles plus Roland Garros . The loss to Fritz was an anomaly caused by the rib cage pain .

  4. Rafa am following your recovery progress..great you’ve been doing lower limb workouts. Continued success my Champion. As Lacoste are using your very distinguished “grunt” in their new add, I hope that, firstly they’ve your permission and secondly that they pay royalties. Continue healing and we will continue sending good wishes..Vamos ☘☘🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦

    • Everything on Rafa is cute! Even when he snarls….even his grunt is cute enough for LaCosta to steal! Well I’m sure they got his permission and I’m sure Rafa will get paid for it!

  5. All the best for a complete recovery, Rafa. It is not tennis when you are not participating. Hope the
    healing is smooth and successful👏👍💪🤛🍀🎾❤️

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